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1:09 AM, Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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A few weeks ago, I visited the kitchen studio of 1 Baker Street, a close family friend of ours who decided to start her own cake business after 12 years of passionately baking her way into the hearts of her friends and family. At first I thought to myself, just going to sample some yummy cupcakes, nothing mindblowing, yea.. but then I saw her work and literally was taken aback. Sheela's attention to detail is impeccable. Her 3D creations aren't what you typically imagine, but simple to say, there is nothing this lady cannot do. I thought it would be fun for me to get a mini-me made and sent Sheela a couple of photos of myself, her humorous approach to the little project was such a joy to look at- the photos simply do not do enough justice to the detail of my clothing, make up and even accessories. She even drew my eyeliner just the way I did it! The pleats on my tulle dress were exactly the same! The print on my bikini! The buckles on my overalls! She gave me earrings! 

I was blown away to say the least, and when I took a bite into the cupcakes, whoa… yum, yum, YUM. Of course, our little city in Singapore has plenty of bakeries with delicious, light and fluffy cupcakes, Sheela's are no different with a couple of local twists to her flavours like Kaya Toast and the nation's favourite Milo drink. Her classic flavours are endless, including her signature Chocolate Ganache cupcake which I had. But if you're up for a special treat like a birthday, anniversary or just in the name of good fun, her 3D creations are magical and like I said earlier, there is nothing she isn't capable of transforming into a edible version that's fun to look at and delicious to taste. Any kinds of customizations are available for cakes and cupcakes. Just name them!

I am so excited that Sheela has offered my readers a 20% off all customizations. All you need to do is email sheela@1bakerstreet.com.sg with your order (and ideas for your customizations) and mention 'meowiie' or my name to get the discount. 


1 Baker Street is located at Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Road, #B2-09 Unit 8, Singapore 575629, call 9173 3955 for any enquiries. 

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3:01 AM, Friday, August 15, 2014


11:00 Woke up at the W Hotel Bangkok.

01:30 En route to brunch with Natalie, stuck in Bangkok's insane traffic.

02:30 Lost in Ekkamai, trying to find our way to brunch.

03:00 Finally made it to One Ounce for Onion, had their signature ragu with toasted croissant and some smoothies. Delish!

04:00 Trying to get ourselves a cab back to the hotel.

05:30 Watching the girls do their thing.

09:00 At the opening of McQueen in Central Embassy with these ladies.

10:00 Goofing around after too many cocktails at Central Embassy.

10:30 Japanese dinner at Thonglor.

Check out Natalie, Nun and Eugenie's blogs. 

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1:26 PM, Thursday, August 14, 2014


All photos by me

I'm currently in Bangkok again having a ball, came here alone, checked into a hotel alone and just explored alone for some of the time and it has been amazing! Being able to have the luxury of having Bangkok so near to home makes the city my second home as all of you already know, I'm obsessed with this city- the arts, culture and just everything. I usually have an entire list of place of places to visit when I get here from new cafes and restaurants to boutiques but this time I decided to take things slow and just enjoy Bangkok for what it is. I ended up photographing a lot of the little things that are what makes Thailand such a unique country, one that stands out from the rest if you ask me. Markets and pushcarts just literally perched anywhere serving the most delicious food, to the friendliest people. The familiarity of it all has just allowed me to really appreciate this city again because we tend to take it all for granted, especially for someone like me who comes here and immediately hits the shops and restaurants. I've been literally eating so much street food, immersing in the culture, making friends with everyone I meet and it has been such a beautiful week. Also reuniting with Natalie and Eugenie who are here from L.A and having so much fun with these ladies. Bangkok, you have my heart!

Working on my revised guide to the city, stay tuned!

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Urban Lights

11:51 PM, Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Zara Bustier, Shopmissingavenue skirt, Nastygal Shoe Cult heels

Whee I'm blogging, I'm blogging! For the fourth time in a week! It has honestly been AGES since I've blogged this much, here is to really hoping I keep up with it. I'm excited about the travel series which I've been working on, so you get tips on getting ready for travel and going solo. These were taken by Natalie when we hung out in L.A, I had always wanted to visit the Urban Lights exhibit outside the LACMA and I guess it took 3 trips before I finally made it there. Such a beautiful museum. 

It was so good to be able to hang out with Natalie, we had been following each other for what's felt like years and had emailed for awhile. I fondly remember starting one of my emails with how badly I wanted to come back to L.A for vacation and she was like "come, come!" and up till a week before my trip, we were still chatting as friends, no clue that I would have the opportunity to actually really end up going. And so the moment I landed in L.A soil, we arranged to meet. It was in a hotel at a cute place for brunch and I was with a friend who was completely different from who I was and what I did but the three of us got along just fine and had a lovely afternoon. It's funny how just being able to follow someone on Instagram and be reading their blogs can allow you feel like you actually know the person. Natalie isn't the first person I've made friends with and met abroad but she is special because I have a good feeling even if we were to meet 10 years from now, we'd still be good friends. The thing about me is, I LOVE to talk. I am someone who can talk non stop for hours. There is nothing, NOTHING, I love more than being able to just sit down somewhere with someone and TALK, one on one. And I just get so curious whenever I meet new people. Just being in conversation with someone is like being able to take a secret peep into their lives and at the same time, be a part of it in one way or another. Over some fancy Korean BBQ, Natalie and I spoke of many things and it was so nice. I was at a point in my life where I felt blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people who shared the same values as I did, and to have the opportunity to be travelling and meeting such amazing people. And woah, did this girl blow my head off. I guess it's also just American culture. Growing up in Asia, we're brought out in a way where we're constantly sheltered by our parents, we don't get kicked out or cut-off completely by the time we're 18. While Natalie had her own story and background, this girl bravely moved to L.A for college, left school, started a successful blog and is now blogging full-time. She has been supporting herself for awhile now and she is only 19, I am turning 21 and constantly in debt for spending way beyond my means without having to worry about paying for my electricity bill. Natalie showed me what it was like to fearlessly go after your dreams and after our last farewell, I was in my Uber ride and just thinking to myself, why have I been so scared in the first place? 

Failure. If there is one thing I am the most afraid of in my life apart from losing people, it has got to be failure. I've spent my whole life visualizing THE perfect life I intend on living ten/ twenty years from now and it's a headache. Every night I have trouble sleeping because I obsess over the smallest of details even when I visualize. That apartment, that holiday, my perfect prince charming… I guess meeting Natalie made me realise that sometimes you need to let it all go and just go out and live.  Thankfully, right now, I can safely say I am at a point in my life where I have nothing to lose so a lot of risks are about to be taken and I'm scared as hell, scared to death, just, deathly afraid. But like I said, if I  were to not get that dream job, I'd still have friends and family to go to for support and a home to live in. It's a vastly different world in America, coming back consecutively for the past 4 years and travelling to different parts of the U.S made me realise how easy it is to lose your home, making homelessness one of the most prominent problems the U.S is facing. We are so lucky. I am so lucky.

Speaking of travel and guides, what I'll leave you off with in this post is to connect with people. Don't be afraid to go up to a person and talk, we're so lucky we have social media allowing us to do that without physical action. Never be afraid to meet new people, I've said it before and I will say it again.

photo 2photo 1

It was so good to finally meet you, Natalie! Can't wait for our next adventure…..next week. 

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1:05 AM, Tuesday, August 5, 2014


K.BLU Print Halter Bikini Top and Bottom

Random fact about me: I exercise on average…about once a year. NOT my proudest moment here on the blog but so true. I am just plain lazy. My definition of trying to stay healthy really is just to avoid carbs at all cost which I've recently found very hard to do especially when a good plate of pasta is involved. But back to exercise - I love being in the pool and swimming is probably the only sport I genuinely enjoy. My mind is just at so much peace once I'm in the water but like I said, I am lazy. Lazy to travel to the pool so it barely happens even though I love it and have collected about 20 bikinis to wear. This pairing from K.BLU is to date my comfiest and prettiest set I now own, obsessed over the print. Want…everything from the collection. The brand just launched this year and is great because it offers petite Asian frames like mine a better fit and support, not forgetting the full coverage which I definitely appreciate. Probably the only bikini I own where I'm actually not worried about a boob slip when I'm wearing it. I literally jumped straight into the pool and swam for about an hour straight with no fuss about slips or anything of the sort. No wedgie! It was the perfect way to spend a Monday evening. Here's to hoping I actually make it out to the pool more often. 


Check the full collection out on their site, I mean it when I say I am obsessed over the patterns and prints!

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1:09 AM, Monday, August 4, 2014


This has been long overdue- I had intended to post this just before the summer started but life got in the way and so did dengue (fully recovered after being bedridden + hospitalized for a week, phew!). Anyway, I don't think the time of year really stops us from making any travel plans so this post will always be perfect timing. I shot it with Sherms a couple of months ago at a studio and it was backbreaking to say the least! A lot of layering and stacking (to be honest, summer packing is much easier!) to be done. I did this as a very basic fuss-free packing guide, not specifically meant for any season. If it's anything, I think summer is pretty easy to pack for especially when a lot of light fabrics are involved. In this guide, I included the awkward, bulky items like coats and jackets so maybe it's perfect for the Fall but whatever suits you. Hopefully this guide has been of some help with your packing woes! Or at least is fun to look at. 


Bag It Up- Small, loose items like cosmetics, toiletries and accessories should all be bagged up separately.


The Base Layer- Start with irregularly shaped items such as shoes, bags and cosmetics purses to create the foundation for packing and evenly distribute the the weight evenly throughout the bag.

Shirt Story- It is impossible to pack a shirt without creasing it, but here’s a tip: fold it with another shirt/blouse to add as padding! Turn out the collar and fold the arms back as you would fold a shirt. Layer another shirt on the bottom half, and fold inwards into each other. The shirts go on top of the base layer.


Roll It Up- Fold, roll or bundle your thinner garments like T-shirts and cardigans and use them to fill the gaps in your base layer. This provides extra support for your other layers so that your clothes do not sink into the gaps.

Crease Free Please- Likewise for dresses, use a big sweater to create padding to prevent creasing. This goes on the same layer as the shirts.

Coat Check- The tip of using each other to create a padding to prevent creasing goes on. Same for coats, especially if you plan on saving space instead of using a coat bag.

Before The Lid- Leave the delicate and awkwardly-shaped pieces for the very end. The bag is most airy just under the lid. So it means the things you put in last will get the least amount of creasing. Plus it is also a few good layers away from your shoes and cosmetics in case of any leaks!


Finito!- Odd shaped items like hats and random bits and bobs do best just before the lid to prevent any damage or creasing. And you are ready to go go, go!


Safe travels!

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