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9:50 AM, Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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The last stop of our English roadtrip was the Cotswolds. Truly…beautiful..and so different from everywhere else in the UK I had been to. We had a farm stay at Stow on the Wold. And everyday, we were just continually taken aback by the beauty of this place. The area is defined by a certain stone which most of the houses and buildings are made of that is rare in the United Kingdom and now known as the Cotswold stone. The unique features of the Cotswolds include the Cotswolds stone and the predominantly rural landscapes that contain historical towns, stone-built villages, beautiful landscapes and gardens. You can view my photo diary below! We had driven from Stratford-upon-Avon which is of course the famous town known to be where Shakespeare was born and had lived and after a day of pretty touristy stuff, I was ready to be in the real English country. The drive to the Cotswolds from Stratford was only about 30 minutes and such a scenic drive, one that I definitely recommend to anyone heading to this part of England. There is so so much to see at the Cotswolds but we did sadly visit at the wrong time of the year. Guess it only means I'll have to be back next summer to run amongst endless Lavender fields. Being surrounded by much beauty just gave me so much time to be able to find peace within myself. Coming on this road trip has been the best thing I had done getting away from the hustle and bustle of London. I'm personally someone who is always putting a lot of pressure of myself, constantly streesed out about the future but being on the road allowed me to really just, ENJOY what's being presented in front of me. I would sing out loud wherever I went, eat so much, buy a huge loaf of bread to feed the ducks and swans whenever I saw them, shop for teacups and plates for Eat Plate Love. And we'll be back by our B&B usually at about 9pm after a long dinner and wine. So nice to actually be able to do something relaxing and distancing myself from socia media for abit, even if it means taking a nice bubble bath for as long as I need to. So grateful for this trip out. Hope you enjoy the photos! All photos of me taken by my dearest aunt, Jolene, who also planned this entire roadtrip. 

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I am wearing Zara cropped bustier, H&M skirt, Chanel flats
Reformation dress, Man Repeller X Superga sneakers

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6:13 AM, Sunday, September 7, 2014


Putting the fancy in my walking shoes as I like to call it- these satin pink ballerinas are everything I've wanted in a pair of sneakers and like Henry always calls me, I decided to wear them like how a 'frilly princess' would for a day of exploring in beautiful Bath. They are perfect and comfortable is an understatement. Thanks to Leandra of the Man Repeller for making the sneakers of my dreams come to life with this Superga collaboration! I loved them so much the moment I saw them on Solestruck I had to get them in blue as well. Wearing an oversized H&M coat, Topshop dress under my American Apparel sweater and Zara pearl clutch. 

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I spent 24 hours in Bath over the weekend, the first leg of my English roadtrip. I had heard of Bath and seen a couple of photos but never did I expect it to be THIS stunning in person. Hence, the major pic spam going on here. It is a tiny city and you can easily get everywhere by foot. We checked into our B&B (Thanks Sharon for being the best host!) and just spent the rest of our time in Bath walking around the beautiful city. Bath, as I learnt, is the only city in England where the entire city is a World Heritage Site which means it is carefully monitored by the UNESCO and the buildings and surroundings must remain in certain conditions. Architecture is what really makes Bath such a unique city, and most buildings are made from a local coloured Bath-stone while the architecture is Georgian. There simply is so much history and beauty in this tiny city, the Roman baths alone has it's own story to tell. The whole time I exploring, I just couldn't stop snapping pictures because this truly is one of the most visually beautiful cities I had ever been to. The people we met were sweethearts, especially our B&B host, Sharon, who runs Rivers Street B&B which easily a walking distance to most of the attractions Bath has to offer. Every other restaurant we walked past seemed to have some kind of award it had won before and nothing we ate was a disappointment. Our time in Bath was short but it also felt just right. Rich cultures, delicious food and stunning architecture, I really couldn't ask for anything more. It was a beautiful 24 hours and the perfect place to get lost in. I definitely recommend anyone visiting the UK to take the drive up, it is a scenic drive along the English country and spending one night there is perfect to see enough of Bath. Take the river cruise along the Avon river which shows a  different side of the city. And make sure you have Sally Lunn buns and eat plenty of scones.

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