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SEE YOU IN 2015.

12:59 AM, Thursday, December 11, 2014


So I guess you can say the title says it all. I've HONESTLY, cross my heart, missed being able to type down my thoughts or share an adventure on this blog. It's a love for documenting like I've mentioned before which started this in the first place. But this year alone I've found myself struggling the most with the content that's posted on this space. Never fully satisfied. And then I asked myself why haven't I been working on it this past 8 months since being out from school? I'm a lazy ass! No point denying it. So I'm taking a break to really figure things out and decide how I want the real Missingavenue to look like and be portrayed as. Content that is less on self but also more on impacting my dear readers who have been graciously and so patiently following me despite being such a bad blogger. And so much more. I've so much going on that I'm genuinely overwhelmed by the opportunities that have been given to me. And there really is so much I'm dying to share, just not here right now. So this hiatus is not exactly a break but stuff I'm working on for the new blog. I can't wait! For now, see you guys on Instagram (@meowiie) and I'll see you back here in a couple of weeks with a brand new facelift on this space. 

Thank you for reading and following me on my adventures this past 2014. Lets start a brand new adventure in 2015! xx


3:50 AM, Thursday, November 20, 2014


Topshop lace blouse, culottes and heels. 
Still Products envelope clutch.

I was lucky enough to be dressed by Topshop and a couple of other labels for Bangkok International Fashion Week, crazy time with a crazy bunch of bloggers who I now call friends. Rachel from Still Products was kind enough to send me a couple of her handmade leather accessories and this clutch was my favourite, especially in my all pink ensemble for a hectic day of meetings, shopping and shows.

IMG_2438 IMG_2359

I've always loved the idea of being able to support local talent here in Singapore but to tell the truth it's been hard for me because it's usually never my style or just not up to standards. It's exciting to see where Still Products is going, Rachel painstakingly makes all her accessories herself from clutches, pouches and my favourite mini leather tassels. I'm loving the minimalism that's put into her brand which allows all the items to do the talking. I'm really happy to be able to support small start-ups like these so I can't wait to be able to share with you guys the other accessories I've gotten over here! Hope everyone is having the best week so far!

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6:37 PM, Friday, November 14, 2014


2 of my favourite cookbooks from Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers and Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York- I've been following these two power ladies for awhile now and to see them both launch their cookbooks this year has made me extremely excited. These are books that have so much thought put into every detail of the book that has made it not just about the food but also about community and the city of New York.

Sunday Suppers is all about gatherings in New York, basically a supper club based on community, conversations and good food in the heart of the city. From what started out as a small gathering of 4 friends in a cosy apartment, Sunday Suppers is now a team of creative individuals who host these parties on a monthly basis, parties that are so beautiful everything deserves a photograph. On the other hand, Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York is a creative cooking studio combining the love of cooking with everyday things through styling and food consultation services. 

These 2 are all about focusing on the simplicity and beauty of everyday meals that is shared comunally. For me personally, they are 2 individuals I am dying to work with one day but I have too much commitments here right now to be able to book myself a ticket to New York and live for a few months. Time will tell, and things may change but I just thought I'd share about these two who continually inspire me to make beautiful and delicious food, start conversations and eventually, something more. 

Follow them on Instagram, @sundaysuppers and @jewelsofny.

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3:50 PM, Thursday, November 13, 2014


Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I spent my first day of being 21 having some me time like I said I would, it was nice but nothing beats spending your special day with your loved ones. I ended my night with a dinner at Rubato's and had an epic plate of lobster pasta (it's off the menu but if you're going, call in advance and ask about it, it is pricey but SO worth it!) with my aunt after a shopping day by myself.

*Ps, I am in Singapore right now after a crazy 2 weeks of Digital Fashion Week and Bangkok International Fashion Week but more on that in another post!


I'm throwing a little party among some of my close friends next week, the theme is hilarious and very Singaporean but I will keep it a secret for now (you can stay tuned on Instagram, @meowiie and @meowiie2). Anyway, back to last night, I had a pasta dinner date with my aunt which was delicious and she surprised me with a really cute gift…I never thought I would ever own a Gucci Bamboo bag but I now do, she she's special because she is a mini version in the most luscious satin pink(!!!).
 I saw the bag when we were in London at the mall, and it just happened that my penpal and favourite British person all in all, Sophie, came by for a little date before we bid our farewells for another good year or so. So it was us three doing some window shopping and I walked into Gucci and saw the bag and died because I had never seen anything like it before. I fell in love with it that very instant. Sophie and I headed out to have 3 plates of pasta for lunch at a restaurant nearby and I thought we should go back to the store to have a look at the bag one last time before saying goodbye. The bag was gone in less than an hour from when we first stepped in and I swear we screamed so loud the entire store was silent for a good second. We joked that whoever who had bought it must be a 'bitch who threw money at the Gucci lady' and I guess it turned out that the bitch was my aunt!

 I've been back from my travels for about slightly over a month and didn't really put much thought into it because silly bags like these have always been a novelty for me. A treat where I would of course rather splurge on something more practical on myself. I also happen to be someone who has always expected a lot during birthdays, it IS silly, I know, and I haven't had the *DREAM* birthday I've always secretly wished for but I think we are slowly getting there. Expectation has always made me end up being disappointed so last year I told myself I would plan my own party and did a Twenties themed party. It was such a good night. I am doing the same this year and the party is next week but I guess because it's my 21st I was feeling abit of a nervous wreck because it is the big number where people tend to go crazy. I was so afraid it was just going to be another day even though it is. I was starting to get really upset before dinner after my day out alone mentally took a toll on me because all of my close friends were either busy travelling or working but I guess my day was made a whole lot better with the delicious dinner we had at Rubato's and my aunt's sweet gestures. She took out a cupcake with the bag on it that she had gotten specially made but I was still sulking because I was so sure it was just going to be just another night (bah, sorry, I can be a brat I know but I was turning 21 and was determined that I would get a surprise, big or small) and it just didn't occur to me that she would have gotten it because she didn't seem to have that much interest in it then. When I opened the box, I screamed so loud at the restaurant again! Hahaha, I guess this was a great start to being 21 after all. 

I know it might seem to be a superficial thought that a bag could make me so happy but in my defense I knew that because my party was next week, nothing was going to happen with everyone's busy schedules. And yes, at the end of the day it is the people who are closest to you who matter the most. It has been that way for me every year just that I have always grown up with a big fantasy of birthdays so MY BAD with big parties and lots of cake, presents and surprises. For now, I'm looking forward to party with my friends next week and just have a good time. Here's to 21!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who wished me personally via text, messages, Facebook, Instagram and emails! I am nothing without you guys!

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4:18 AM, Wednesday, November 12, 2014

IMG_0572-2IMG_0578-2 IMG_0628-2

Last of Copenhagen posts! I'm kinda in the mood to post something I'm wearing and dedicating it entirely to a post. It's my birthday today and I can't believe I am officially 21. Gah, feels intimidating. The feeling hasn't set in yet, I don't know what to feel or what 21 is like but I guess it's that time in your life you need to grow up and just learn to really love yourself. At least for me it is so I plan to take things today slow and spend some me time. If you're been through 21, I would love to know what it's like. I'm thinking that because it's such an 'official' thing for people where they throw big parties and really celebrate and all of a sudden you realise you are actually an adult and have decisions you need to make…it's making me feel kind of lost because first of all, I never expected the past year to pass on so quickly. I loved being 20 even though I was faced with many difficulties this year but I saw the world from different perspectives, lost and made new friends, went in and out of bouts of depression and really learnt to enjoy my own company which is an attempt for me to learn to love myself wholly. I hope to one day be in a place in my life where I am genuinely happy with myself, content and just live each day like it's my last. No regrets. Now that I am 21, it's time I worked towards that goal and come out a more mature, better person at everything I do and one who works hard to achieve my dreams. I hope 21 will be the year I see certain dreams I've had for years come to light and I am determined. 

One of the highlights of being 20 for me was visiting Copenhagen. If you know me personally, or have been following me, you can probably tell that I travel quite a bit but I always seem to return to places I've been to. I don't really understand why that always seems to be the case so I was really excited when the opportunity for me to visit an entirely new place came up because it felt like it's been awhile. Nyhavn is commercial and touristy but in all it's defence, it is beautiful and there is something so romantic about being able to dine by the canals looking out to the city, or just sit along the water and enjoy some ice cream or a light snack with a loved one. I loved it and got to take some obligatory photos along the canal after a river tour one lovely afternoon. Lesson learnt- Copenhagen is NOT heel-friendly at all. The cobbled stone pathways made it extremely difficult for me to walk in heels and damaged this pair a little but I was happy enough to be in this beautiful city. Wore one of my favourite outfits- you know the sort of outfits you like so much you see yourself wearing again and again.. I've had a few of those and this is another one of them. I was contemplating when to post this just so I wouldn't feel so bad if I wore the entire look out again but argh, blogger problems. 


Photos shot by Sam, thanks for patiently taking these for me!

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2:56 AM, Tuesday, October 28, 2014

celine box bag celine_camel_classic_medium_box_05__042351100_1709_04122012

Oh damnit, I'm having one of those nights where I am legitimately exhausted but I'm glued to my laptop scrolling through pictures of 101 things I can't have. It has been awhile. I used to love ranting about these things so I thought maybe I'd blog about it today since I am trying to make a conscious effort to document my life more and update this space in general. I grew up extremely materialistic- me as a young teenage girl growing up in a very typical Singaporean household, void of anything 'fashion'….I'm clueless at what sparked the very initial interest in anything about 'dress' because in the past it was never about self-expression but about the labels behind the things I would wear. 

I grew up as one of those awful looking kids, really awful that I was made fun of for how I looked in school. Until I started blogging in 2007 and just slowly made a transformation. I looked so bad that I refuse to even keep old pictures of me and my friends because it just was a time in my life I didn't want to remember, and one I didn't feel happy in. It was a lot of friendships built on superficiality because we were all too afraid to be seen by ourselves. And I think for me, my initial spark in fashion was just that designer goods looked nice and gave status and I wanted that status because I felt so looked down upon when people would make fun of me. I was that kid who would beg my dad to buy me Burberry just because it was Burberry even if it was the most awful looking sweater. I do mean literally, BEG. It got bad. I think having a fabulous aunt who travelled the world slowly inspired me, and just an active online community I slowly felt I was a part of. That was when the 'self-expression' came along and I started to become more adventurous with how I dressed and I had a lot of fun with it. 

I still loved designer shit all these years, I would yell and scream at home because I so badly needed to get my Louis Vuitton bucket bag when I was 15. I remember one afternoon during one of my tuition classes where a private tutor would come to my house to help me with my work…I spent sulking away because I NEEDED MONEY. To buy that bag. I was getting $35 a week, no way I was buying a $500 bag..so I was sulking and I refused to get any work done. I sat there and made a face, then soon started running around my house screaming, and I even climbed the window and shook it. I kinda wanna LOL thinking about how silly I was but it's all the #truth. Ask my tutor, I was one of his most memorable students. 

So glad things have changed, I'm still a material girl but it feels great that I actually feel just as confident in a $10 dress carrying a no-label purse. These things really take time if it's something you grew up with like my case but you soon just realise there is so, so much more to living rather than being stuck in a material world. All the happiness I got from my bags and shoes were shortlived, I think I would feel much happier if you gave me a pot for my birthday. Hah! I always thought whoo, I'd be the happiest, coolest girl on earth if I carried this or that dream bag. And lucky for me I got to carry what's considered one of the holy grail of handbags but it really never did give me as much pleasure as looking at vintage wares for the kitchen or travelling to a new place. I think what defined my style was a small part of me going away from brands and just buying whatever I liked. Name or no name, it just didn't matter as long as I liked it. I would treat myself once in awhile but that was all there would be to it. But anyway, like I was saying, I'm having one of those nights…looking at a gazillion things I can never have. It's funny one of the things I get asked a lot is what my dream bag is so there you go! The Celine Box Bag….. holy Lord Jesus. I love it, can't decide which colour I would ever get if I had to choose, just want it all. Me. Myself. Mine. Hahahaha. That's a long way to go for me but hopefully my little story tonight will change your mind about starving the hell out of yourself or borrowing a shit ton of money to buy yourself a little something fancy. I'm guilty all the time and am always making excuses for myself but if you really want something my advice is, buying a basic colour, one that's easy to match with everything.. and just make sure you use it. And borrow if you must, write a contract or a deal (hahaha) but it ALWAYS feels fucking amazing when you're buying something that's yours after hard work with your own cold, hard cash. 

So….work towards it. Nothing wrong treating yourself to a something fancy every once in awhile but don't let it take over you or limit yourself to LIFE just to make materialistic goals happen. It's not worth it. 



3:46 AM, Sunday, October 26, 2014


I really hope to start doing more of these. There are so many ways to spend THE perfect day, either by yourself or with your loved ones wherever in the world you are. Today, it's London, I had to start with my favourite of course. I've had many favourite days spent in this city but here's just one of them….enjoy!


Start your day by reuniting with your BFF.

Head to Dishoom at Covent Garden- this is one of my favourite restaurants in London, I could go on and on but I'll do a full proper review soon. Have a proper catch up session over their Bombay Coladas or Chai lattes before ordering lunch. Everything is good, as long as you start with the calamari and end with cinnamon ice cream.


After lunch, take the tube to South Kensington and do some exploring around the hood before heading on to the museums.

IMG_7705IMG_7685 IMG_8126

Head to the Victoria & Albert museum and have a little BFF date looking through decorative art. Stroke the marble walls and walk up and down the marble stairs. 

IMG_7901 IMG_7846IMG_7871

Take the tube to King's Cross and walk over to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Walk through the stunning grounds of the historical hotel and have some bubbly at the Booking Room. Get tipsy and get intimate with the BFF to your hearts content. Order some mini burgers if you're hungry.


Sober up by taking a walk along Regent's Canal which is about 10 minutes from the hotel before heading home……or really, just head back to the St Pancras at do dinner at The Gilbert Scott. 


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IMG_7987IMG_7733IMG_8119IMG_8039IMG_7727 IMG_8037

Zara coat, Zara cropped sweater, Chanel handbag, Valentino heels

Ugh, hello again. The withdrawal symptons from my travels are coming back again but I've also been keeping myself busy the past couple of weeks with personal projects I'm really excited about, hence the mini hiatus. I guess I'm back with a mini update! I've been the worse at documenting ever since being back in Singapore. So uninspired to explore and even getting myself out of the house feels like a chore…..so only looking through pictures I took in London makes me feel better. This, at one of my favourite places in the city and it's pretty obvious why: MARBLE STARWAY! If you follow me on Instagram (or my other unglamourous, keep it real account), you'd know that I am obsessed with anything marble. I go to a restaurant and hug and embrace a good marble table. Stroke the marble in a store, eat my food on the table and shoot it like that because it's pretty. So really, I don't know why it took 3 trips to London before I finally had the time to visit the Victoria & Albert museum and do some touristy shit during my spare time. 


I realised that I never really did blog about my Indian Summer in London, I have so much images and video footage I need to get to but I remember this day very well. I've been with family since arriving in the UK and being able to have some time to myself in the city with my other favourite human being was great. My aunt of course. And what was even better was reuniting with friends and meeting new ones, together. It's great when you bring the people you love together. My aunt may be a full grown adult but so many times I've allowed her to meet my friends and she with hers and each time I am amazed by how well we all get along. I guess food or alcohol, and just a lust for life makes everything good. Here's to the weekend and feeling the sun in my face again! 

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2:56 PM, Monday, October 20, 2014


I'm having a great start to the week with this supersized bowl of goodness. This was inspired by one of my favourite restaurants which serve really good rice/quinoa bowls (Kilo @ Pact) but the fact that I am 1) lazy to travel all the way out to have it 2) sometimes it's never enough 3) it's not cheap…. I decided to do it my way. 

I'm not sharing a recipe but basically how can make it your own. The one at Kilo offers it in shrimp tempura, seared salmon, pork belly and beef short ribs… all delicious. So really, a bowl like that is entirely up to you how you want make it, I love that it's a mini buffet spread in there. I wanted something a little different from regular quinoa so right after I cooked it in chicken stock, I tossed it in some pesto for an extra punch. You can use ready to eat pesto from the supermarket or homemade pesto. In my bowl, there is a pesto quinoa, grilled chicken breast, avocado, spinach, radish, feta, roasted pumpkin, mushrooms and a runny hard boiled egg. So start your day right with this delicious dish! So easy to make and so rewarding. 

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1:27 AM, Saturday, October 11, 2014

IMG_5510-2IMG_5452IMG_5432-2IMG_5443-3IMG_5511-3 IMG_5482-2 IMG_5459-2IMG_5506IMG_5434-2IMG_5507-2

Dress from Zara
Photos of me by Jordus Lim

Bangkok, truly is one of those cities that I've been lucky enough to visit countless of times that still never fails to surprise me with it's rustic charm. I love Thai culture, so intriguing, so old-fashioned and so full of life. I found out about On Lok Yun pretty late in the game through Ally and I can honestly say it's been one of my favourite experiences in the 12 years I've been to Bangkok. It was such a simple meal but one that I never will forget. The experience embraces everything about slow-living, just sitting down enjoying a simple meal of legitimately good breakfast thats toast, eggs and Thai iced tea. The star of it all was their coconut jam, or Kaya as we Singaporeans would know it. I was with a group of 3 other people and I wish someone could have documented the face of all of us the moment we picked up the white fluffy cubes of bread, dipped it into the heavenly Kaya and placed it into our mouths. And this coming from someone who doesn't even like breakfast food… I always find breakfast bread a waste of space in our bodies, like why have toast when you can have pasta?? You get the drift…

The hospitality in On Lok Yun was also commendable, we happened to be the only foreigners in the traditional old coffee shop but the guy who ran it was kind enough to translate to us the menu before he remembered they had an English menu. We were making such a scene in the shop, me with my camera busy snapping everything and everyone, and Jordus and his family affair with Instagram, asking so many questions about their magical Kaya and what else could we buy to take home with us. We had seconds for everything we ordered, the french toast was as sinful as it can get but it was nothing like I have ever tasted in a french toast.... TOO GOOD. The white fluffy bread cubes were so soft like eating clouds even just on it's own. Of course the Kaya is in it's own league.

I couldn't not share this experience even though a part of me really wanted to keep it as one of my new secret hideouts. On Lok Yun opened some time in the 1930s and the menu has remained almost exactly the same all these years selling traditional Thai-styled American breakfast so expect sausages, ham and eggs on top of the fare I've mentioned. There is nothing fancy about the place but so full of charm with it's generous hospitality of the lovely people who run it and the old school decor that has also remained the same since it opened. It's a little out of the way to come all the way here for such a simple meal but please do. The coffeeshop is located at 72 New Road, Wangburapha, Pra Nakorn District, Bangkok and is open daily from 5am to 4pm.

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1:32 PM, Thursday, October 9, 2014


Eat Plate Love Vintage teacup, Wisteriea Lace Bra

I am far from being a morning person with my late nights but I tend to try. It just doesn't feel great when you're waking up hours before the sun is about to set. I am the most productive when I get up early in the day…Here's my routine:

1. Drink fluids. I don't eat breakfast very much, so I try to always have a cup of tea, soy milk or just gulp down a glass of water. Always key to stay hydrated!


If I'm up slightly later than noraml, closer to lunch time. I make a beauty smoothie. Usually depending on what I find in the fridge. This way, I skip lunch and just get a light snack in the afternoon. This is a lettuce, fig, apple, and banana smoothie. You can see some of my favourite recipes for smoothies here.


If I do have breakfast, it's usually just yoghurt with fruit. Otheriwse, I'll have yoghurt mid-day after my smoothie, a few hours before dinner time.


2. These days, I tend to start the day shooting something. Whether it is for Eat Plate Love, content I need to shoot for the blog or Instagram, or work related stuff.


3. I then plan what to do for the rest of the day and also get to my emails. I find this really helps in getting me organized. If I'm cooking, I'll do some research on ingredients before heading out to the supermarket and then I'll spend the rest of the day cooking and eating. Otherwise, I try to get some reading done.

And that's how I start my day every other day! I've recently been addicted to Mind of a Chef so there's been a lot of cooking going on at home. What is your routine in the morning?

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