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11:56 PM, Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Wearing Zara bustier, American Apparel riding pant, The Ordinary co. Crystal Lustre Bib & Genevieve rings

2014 has been a lot of flights and send-offs for me so it means plenty of time in airports. I've always believed that airports are one of the places you really do want to look good in (who knows who you might meet?!) and still feel comfortable at the same time in preparation for the flight ahead…so I almost always make an effort to dress up in light neutral coloured basics that will look good when paired with anything and are comfortable for the hours of travel that are awaiting me. But more on my travel tips and dressing for travel next time in a full proper guide which I'm currently working on!

I love that every wardrobe, especially one that's perfect for living out of a suitcase for weeks, is made up of a foundation of really good basics. Likewise for my flight from Copenhagen to London and London back to Singapore, you can see I chose to be really comfortable… (I can't tell you how good are those pants!) but I love being able to cheat a little at airports and spice things up a little with accessories. It would either be big chunky earrings and statement necklaces so this happened to be perfect for my time in the airports and transiting between Heathrow and Gatwick. I've mentioned it before how I used to be so intimidated by statement jewellery but they've slowly made a very subtle way into my wardrobe so it's been very nice having them around with me on the go. Apart from statement jewellery, I love stacking up very simple rings I collect over time these couldn't have been more perfect timing, I'm not kidding when I say they haven't left my fingers since I put them on weeks ago.

In addition to good basics, jewellery like these are perfect in this situation where I am literally having to mix and match my clothing and accessories out of a suitcase. They really go with everything! Especially black, which I find myself wearing a lot for Fall. 


The ladies at the store have been generous enough to do a giveaway in collaboration with my blog turning 7 years old this month! So one Crystal Lustre Bib necklace is up for grabs and I'll be personally selecting who gets to have it. All you have to do is follow The Ordinary Co. On Facebook and Instagram (@THEORDINARYCO) and then email me (and if you'd like, give me any kind of feedback on this blog- I would really appreciate it!) and I will pick one lucky email by the end of the week! Good luck!

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3:46 AM, Sunday, September 28, 2014

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I spent the third leg of my adventure in Copenhagen after a hectic week in London. It was the PERFECT escape. I can't even describe how I feel about the city. It has actually been awhile since I've explored completely unfamilar territories, new country, new languages, new cultures.. I was so excited to finally make it to Denmark. My good friend Sam and I met in London and took a short 1.5 hour flight out to Copenhagen and spent a good 6 days in the city, absorbing everything it had to offer. 6 days is quite a long time to be in a small city like Copenhagen but I couldn't have done it in any other way. Simple to say, I loved it! I am drawn to Danish culture for many reasons- beautiful people, bike town, architecture that's consistently blowing my head off or leaving me in awe (the number of windows they manage to fit in one building amuses me) but one has stood out from the rest. 'Hygge'. I read a small bit about Danish culture before making the trip but leaving the rest of the research to be done when we got there but 'hygge' was something I was so curious about. It can be simply translated into 'coziness' but to me it's impossible to express. Bascially, I'd like to describe it as…my entire life. 'Hygge' is more of a feeling, an emotion and an expression. My entire time exploring Copenhagen, it was all I felt. Cozy. Warm. And fuzzy all over. It's the atmosphere that comes when one spends time with loved ones, with good food and company. Oh of course, not forgetting the candles. They love their candles. I absolutely loved that the Danes so warmly embrace hygge into their everyday lives and it was inspiring. I earlier mentioned that it describes my entire life- so many times have I tried creating these moments of hygge and am thankful for friends who appreciate the slow life, good food and conversations that last till the wee hours in the morning but the whole concept is something I have time and time again failed to comprehend. Why couldn't we have this back home? Why haven't I felt this anywhere else? And to tell the truth, I only have one friend in Copenhagen, Sam and I stayed at Airbnbs where we barely saw our hosts but the whole time I was in the city, hygge was everything I felt. Everything I had wanted to feel and everything I needed. 

Danes simply breathe and live in hygge, Copenhagen has it's own heartbeat, one that I now associate positive vibes, peace and happiness with. It's cheesy I know, but it's true. If there is anything I want to do, it's to run back to this amazing city, meet more people and throw dinner parties and experience the real hygge. There is so much more I've yet to see so I know a trip back is in order but we did manage to visit a couple of places you need to go if you ever visit. 

Paludan Bog Cafe
Extremely affordable and delicious cafe that's buzzing with students from all over the world and books. It's known as a University cafe and is right in the center of Copenhagen, a stone throw away from Norreport metro station. Try the brunch plates.

Fiolstræde 10, 1171 Copenhagen, Denmark 

Tiny bar, one that is easy to miss. Great tacos and burritos. Go for the veal in a taco or burrito, for sure a fiesta in your mouth. The plantaines with guacamole were something different from our usual tortilla chips but so, so good.

Skindergade 36, Copenhagen 1159, Denmark

Atelier September
Beautiful place for brunch, pastries and drinks a short walk from Nyhavn. One of those places you'd be busy snapping pictures all over because it's that cute. Loved the friendly staff.

Gothersgade 30 1123 Copenhagen Denmark

This was one of my favourite meals, we sat by the water with a good view of the city but the cafe is tucked in a small neighbourhood. I rented one of their adorable Swan peddle boats and had a blast chasing the real swans and ducks in the lake. Go for the smoked salmon sandwich, their brunch plates, burgers and salads. Perfect way to spend a peaceful day. Yum..!

Peblinge Dossering 6, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Torvehallerne Food Market
A vibrant urban farmers market that focuses on local and sustainable produce with over 60 stands of the freshest produce and food stalls for a quick bite. Loved the atmosphere and smørrebrød that is hard to miss.

Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Street Food
An old warehouse by the water that's converted into a colourful and cheap street food market, focusing on local organic produce and their vendors. Stalls are in the forms of food trucks, shacks and wagons. We found this a rather enriching experience because you really get to see the locals getting creative with their dishes and of course their stalls. The food was of course delicious and definitely much more affordable than what you'd normally get in a cafe in the city. Sit out by the water facing the Opera House and Royal Playhouse.

Papirøen/ The Paper Island Warehouse 7 & 8
 Trangravsvej 14, 1436 Copenhagen

Hope you guys enjoyed the photo diary! I know it's a lot but there was simply too much I had to capture!

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