Summing up the last of my travels for 2015, I headed back to Copenhagen. The city that has my heart, that gave me complete peace of mind and closure and that I have found myself to obsess over. It’s like ever since I visited for a first in September last year, everything I find out that is Danish fascinates me and I simply cannot stop. I was a completely different person leaving Copenhagen last Fall and revisiting this winter- now stronger and happier than I have ever been in a long time. 

This time around, I was lucky to have been able to experience a slightly more local perspective of this city. I reunited and stayed with my friend Mads who showed me around, introduced me to everything possibly Danish and was the best companion. To end off the trip, I stayed at the gorgeous Avenue Hotel in the lovely neighbourhood of Frederiksberg. Humble, cozy and everything I could possibly feel about ‘hygge’ in a place- I absolutely loved my experience and couldn't have done it any other way.

Avocado on Rye

My stay at the Avenue Hotel was lovely- the interiors were everything I had dreamed of an authentic Scandinavian experience. It's a little cozy boutique hotel off Frederiksberg and I love that it was right in the centre of a buzzling neighbourhood so I got to experience how Danes went about their everyday lives. I was sipping tea amongst locals in coffeeshops nearby, strolling in Frederiksberg park and it was so great that the hotel offered bikes for rent to go around this bike town. Being able to rest and recharge in my room was something I looked forward to everyday, with it's fluffy sheets, a hot bath and a cute view of the hood. I would wake up ready and excited for new adventures in Copenhagen and there would be breakfast waiting downstairs- rye bread, half-boiled eggs, butter and granola and hot tea... Just everything I need for the perfect start. 

I am humbled and grateful for my stay at the hotel, for the lovely staff who made me feel right at home and went the extra mile to take care of me seeing that I was not well. Being alone anywhere can be daunting.. and I am so glad that I chose the Avenue Hotel to be my home for those couple of days. It was the perfect place for me to get myself in the right frame of mind, after a full day of self-exploration new perspectives. I loved every minute of it.