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Since being in London, I've been through the incredible cold and some snow but Monday was perfect weather. Bryant and I checked out the Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House which featured some of his never before published work and it is one of the largest showcases of his work throughout his 40 year career. I left extremely inspired by his thought put into every detail for his images and his playfulness with colour. More on that in my photo diary I hope to get to as soon as I can!

This is one of my favourite rompers- casual enough for a day out and not too sloppy for a night at the theatre, which was exactly what we did after the longest but most enjoyable afternoon tea session at The Savoy. It's also reflecting what I've been feeling a lot lately since coming to London: having to man it up and take care of myself, and be responsible for everything to do with that. I've been so, so blessed since being here with the company and support I've gotten (thank you to those of you who emailed me and reached out to me! It means the world to me) but there are still times the fear sets in and I can't help but feel scared even if it's just my walk home. Actually, everything has been perfect since being here except this little fear I have of walking alone at night to the extent that I sometimes really just feel the need to look my very worst so as to not attract the wrong attention late at night. I braved up on Monday, put on a 'suit', and my favourite heels on. Told myself things would be okay, and did my walk home. If anything happened, I knew I could easily get my heels off and use it to throw at someone anyway. Right?

Random fact but this Louis Vuitton Epi Noé was the very first designer bag I owned and bought with my own money. I got it vintage from a consignment store in Singapore when I was 14 or 15. I sold all my clothes in a week to raise money for it after begging the lady in the store to keep it for me. I wanted my first designer bag to be something that was practical so I thought something in black would be great as it would go with most of the stuff in my wardrobe. Loved it so much, bought another one in red a few months later...  This bag has been my to-go ever since I got here. I've always loved it but it's kind of got neglected over the past few years and I only used to casually to make supermarket runs or small errands. Now that I've been using it every day, I really can't go on enough about how practical a bucket bag really is. So easy to throw everything into and so versatile. It's time I got that red one out soon...