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Photos by myself and Bryant

Life in London so far has been very surreal for me. Every morning, I wake up in my cozy little room and still feel the need to slap myself that I am no longer in my Singapore bedroom that's filled with bits and pieces I've collected since I was a child and the random pieces of furniture I am not allowed to get rid of. It was always a mess. I am now finally waking up in a space that reflects me, that I am now solely responsible for and damn, it feels good being able to do adult things. I still need to figure out the wash and maybe get my hands on a taser or rape alarm just in case of emergencies but other than that, I can say London has been treating me too well. I am thankful for my friends here, and friends and family further away from where I'd like them to be. I really did think once real life began, it meant everything was on my own now. It kind of is but having friends who almost never let you do things on yourself has been a blessing in disguise. Its only been three weeks but we have our routines and I'd love to share them.

Sunday mornings (or whenever we get up in our hungover selves) are meant for Victoria Park. I buy a cup of Sri-Lankan spiced chai from The Pavillion and we stroll through the park, watching the cutest of families enjoying the outdoors. We buy some bread and feed the ducks. They get aggressive once in awhile but we always end up leaving with our stomachs hurting from so much laughter. I always shout 'eat it, bitches!' whenever I am throwing bread at them as if I am the queen. We then usually head to some kind of market or we'll stroll to Lauriston Road, which is a little street full of cute little shops and restaurants. 

Weekends in London are exciting simply for that reason. One that we recently checked out is Broadway Market which is somewhere along London Fields and goes on every Saturday, small little shops, coffeeshops, food stalls and random knick-knacks with good music.  

Sundays are for the Columbia Road Flower Market, one of my favourites. We usually lunch nearby after spending the afternoon making our way through hundreds of people buying flowers. It's as squishy as it can get but so much fun watching everyone. I then head home to make my flowers for my room. Recently, we had Spanish tapas at Laxeiro's, a quaint family run restaurant does a pretty mean paella. 

Museums are everything to me. I'm sad I haven't got to visit a lot of my favourite ones since being here due to a pretty tight schedule. But I got to check out Guy Bourdin's exhibition at Somerset House last week and it was amazing. 

Dishoom will always be my favourite spot for a meal in London. So much value for money, great food and atmosphere. I talk about it everyday and am so glad we finally got to have a meal there after having to give up several visits due to the long wait. Congrats on becoming one of London's best eats! I'll do a post on Dishoom soon enough, I hope. And spam everyone with loads of food porn. 

Friday nights are always house parties at my place. I'm lucky to have awesome housemates who cook great meals together with me and we'll drink and dance all night. Weekend nights are usually spent at Eat Tokyo or other Japanese restaurants, then drinks at someone's crib. We either talk the night away or head out dancing at one of the clubs along Soho. 

I'll work on a proper guide to my favourite spots in London soon but for now, if you're in London, these are great and I hope you enjoy them!