Photos by Bryant Lee

These days I find myself having to justify my love for standing in front of a camera taking pretty photos with words. A lot of them. I think that it's important to do everything with a purpose and yes, I do believe some of what I've posted have made some kind of an impact to someone (Thank you if you emailed, messaged me or left comments! I love being your friend so keep them coming). But today, I think I just want to share some photos from last weekend spent in South Kensington. The thing I love about this posh neighbourhood is it simply is so beautiful to get lost in and never really know what you're gonna find. I truly would die to live in some of the beautiful homes I've past. One more thing to add to the bucket list! Anybody need a cat sitter in South Ken?

I've posted about how I would spend a perfect day in London here. But we all know there are countless of ways to do that. So here's another one. So if you happen to be in central London, do brunch (only on Sundays) or lunch at The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell. I recommend the beef rending toast, the prawn omelette and the scallops. Lovely interiors, excellent service and even better food. One of the places I would definitely come back to for a good brunch. Then, what better to do than to window shop at the lovely boutiques at South Kensington and get lost in the small neighbourhoods in the area? That's if you don't mind travelling, Modern Pantry is about 20 minutes by tube to South Ken.


It may be just an omelette, and coming from someone who doesn't like to pay for eggs in a restaurant, it was a damn good omelette. Perfectly cooked. It was my second time having it and it still hit the spot! Service at the restaurant is excellent like I mentioned but rather slow so don't head to this place if you're in a rush. But personally, I loved that I was able to enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon over great food and conversation with a dear friend. 

The Modern Pantry is located at 47-48 Saint John's Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JJ 

*Ps, my fingers are itching for something fun to do. I may be miles away from home but so many asked about this top I'm wearing after posting a photo on Instagram. I am thinking of bringing it into the store again! Along with some other stuff you may or may not have caught here and there. It's been awhile but I would love to update shopmissingavenue again soon. Let me know what you guys think!