This is not going to be a short post, neither will it be an easy one. I remember walking through Reykjavik the first night we arrived after a fantastic dinner and I was so cold and sick (from tonsillitis). I was looking up to the sky wondering if we could catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from where we were standing before the realisation finally hit me that I was finally in one of my dream destinations. The next day we got into our rental car and drove for hours and hours, each day going from each unbelievable sight to the next. I've always loved keeping these moments to myself and find that a lot of the places or moments I've had/visited that mean the most to me have been the hardest to write about. Something about my dissatisfaction with how I've written about it that doesn't justify the whole experience or the beauty of it all. Iceland is easily one places made up of many of these moments but it's also something I feel so connected with that I have to share it. People are not kidding when they say a place like Iceland will change your life because it surely changed mine.