I'm currently writing from Marrakech and stoked to finally be here after dreaming about this place for so long. I'm keeping it short today as I am excited to share as much as possible about this adventure. I got here early this morning with my partner in crime, Bryant, who spontaneously decided to tag along. I am so so grateful to this guy or I wouldn't have survived my first day here by myself. The souks in Marrakech have been so breathtaking, I find myself noticing the most meticulous details in the most random knick-knacks here. They have everything from spices, carpets, silverware, pottery, the most amazing handmade slippers, jewellery....the list goes on. I am obsessed and beyond words at the beauty of it all despite the imperfections and rough edges you see walking past these pink little lanes. I just want to share the photos I shot today because I think I am going to end up with a major overload of photos... every corner is picturesque in it's own way I cannot stop snapping away.  Most of these were shot in the souks, which is what the city is mostly associated with. There are a dizzying number of stalls and an intricately connected maze that are full of surprises. The locals have been an interesting bunch. Those that were friendly were total sweethearts while some were completely turned off the moment they saw us carrying our big cameras. A large part of the Media felt like a tourist trap with locals insisting on giving directions for some dirham or dragging you into their stalls to take photos and make you pay for it/buy items. It was all part of the experience to say the least, I've come to embrace these little intricacies and look at things from a different perspective. There is so much beauty in all of this and some of the locals we've met have been the most hospitable human beings I have ever met. It's been a refreshing change from the cold in London. I love having the sun in my face and being smacked with humidity after so long. Can't wait to continue sharing this adventure with you guys. It's been radical and I cannot believe this is only the beginning.