In the spirit of summer, I thought I would share these images shot when Bryant and I visited Kew Gardens at the beginning of summer a few months ago. London was finally warming up and we decided to make the trip down, only to be welcomed by faulty trains and a horrible journey on replacement buses. Took us 2 hours from central London before we finally made it! We got there rather late so the £15 entry fee really didn't seem appetising at that point but it was nevertheless so beautiful. I loved the observatories and cactus gardens, and for the first time in months, probably broke abit of a sweat while I was there. It felt great and was a lovely afternoon well spent with my partner in crime. 

My advice if you're going down to Kew is to go early- make the £15 worth it, the garden is huge and there is so much to see but we sadly was there just 2 hours before closing time. The gardens are open daily throughout the year except during Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.