Photos by Jolene Loh. Wearing Pomelo Skirt and Topshop Heels.

If you’ve followed me for awhile now, you would know that I am obsessed with Little India in Singapore. India is undoubtedly one of my dream destinations, the culture baffles me and I love a good curry with naan. I’ve shot several times in different parts of Little India- it’s definitely one of the more livelier parts of town. I love the spirit and energy of the local people, a lot of whom are migrant workers who come for a taste of back home. Singapore’s Little India is probably the closest you can get to real India and although it is a Tamil-concentrated commercial zone, it is full of bright lights, scents and colours from different places of worship and and endless amount of local Singaporean hawker food. With Singapore constantly urbanising, I hope that Little India will never change and I hope that if you’re in Singapore, even if you’re a local, spend an afternoon or evening there and absorb the culture and flavours this little part of town has to offer.