Fun fact: I don't drink coffee. And my to-go drink of all time as I get along my day in Singapore is an iced cold cuppa tea, which we call a 'teh o' - a dash of sugar, shaken well and drank out of our signature plastic carriers. These are the things I love and miss the most about home when I am away. Something so easily accessible and cheap thats available in every 'kopitiam' or coffee shop you see all over the country. 

So I guess this is a little tribute- to my favourite drink stall, I buy up to 5 cups of this a day and go home with yellow teeth but I'm addicted to this! Jordus and I decided to take a couple of photos in the stall so we could share a glimpse of what a regular Singapore styled 'kopitiam' today looks like. Apart from drinks, they usually sell basic snacks like dim-sum buns, sandwiches and cakes. Obviously these kopitiams are casual places but I loved the contrast of myself being all dolled up against the backdrop. I am wearing a Kendall + Kylie Jumpsuit available on Shopbop (similar available here) and Intentionally Blank heels (thanks Ty!)