It's been freezing cold in London and temperatures have dropped tremendously but celebrating life and especially the weekends in general have given me enough warmth to keep me going. I live in a lot of sweaters and have been meaning to invest in the right pieces that are versatile and comfortable at the same time. I especially love turtlenecks as it means I can layer all that extra heat-techs (I get mine from Uniqlo!) under. This sweater-dress from Lovers + Friends is the perfect fit, I love wearing it on it's own as a dress with some sneakers or spicing it up a little with these knee-high boots. It's kept me cozy at work and while I go about my daily routine. I absolutely live in it ever since I've played my hands on it and love every bit of it! 

My 2016 so far has been exhausting to say the least but it has also really encouraged me to push myself and make this a great year. I know I previously said no resolutions and I've enjoyed not having to keep up with them so far, but it's also made me take my time a little more lightly than I want it to. I will be returning to Singapore tomorrow, and I am excited but also so nervous. I am hoping to really work hard on producing some content for the site and also making some of those dreams I've been holding on to into a reality! Hopefully I get to also share my journey with everyone here. I know I haven't been updating as much as I would like to but any opportunity to share something with you guys makes me really happy. Ah! I can't wait.