Wearing Tibi slip-ons from Shopbop, similar ones here. Mango Dress. Bag from Morocco.



I spent last weekend in Dubrovnik and it was beautiful. Lost my voice, fell really ill halfway and nearly didn't make it on the plane back to London but thankfully I did and still in recovery. Still, there are no words. It's a beautiful place everyone has to visit in their lifetime. We spent a luxurious night at Villa Dubrovnik courtesy of Smith Hotels (thank you Sneha!) and moved to our Airbnb in the heart of the Old Town which we thoroughly enjoyed as well. Loved being able to see life from our window.  The old town itself may be tiny but being surrounded by the City Walls has protected the citizens of Dubrovnik for over 5 centuries. Today, the walls and the city itself are a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the greatest fortification systems of the Middle Ages. It's unreal to me and no doubt if you're a Game of Thrones fan, it's walking in the actual set where the series is filmed.  We had delicious food and wine by the Adriatic Coast and walked through beautiful alleyways. I think my favourite part is the laundry hanging out of the windows you'll find in these alleys. They provide so much character to the city. I was dressed by Shopbop throughout my time there and couldn't be more grateful for a better coastal wardrobe.