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I spent an amazing week in Hong Kong, reuniting with Nathan and spending good quality time with family before heading by train to China for the weekend. I'm not one who usually has Hong Kong in mind when I'm thinking of a getaway but it's a city that has come to stay with me for all the right reasons, that I can sometimes see myself living there. I love the similarities in lifestyle to Singapore so it definitely feels close to home. And on top of that, there is so much culture here, eating at a local cha chaan teng (or simply a local Hong Kong Cafe) with some places offering food 24/7 so you'll never go hungry, going through the streets of pet shops followed by a stroll through the flower market in Mong Kok and enjoying the skyline from some of my new favourite institutions such as Seafood Room in Causeway Bay. I also got to explore a couple of restaurants in SoHo like YardBird and it was delicious and an experience in it's own. 

It was the monsoon season so it rained every day during my time there, so it really allowed me to enjoy the 'slow life' despite the hustle and bustle that is a city like Hong Kong- I found myself reading my new book over lunch, or simply enjoying some traditional milk tea in Mido Cafe for a slow afternoon. We also decided to take the ferry out to Cheng Chau Island to see a different side of Hong Kong. It is a seaside town just about 30 minutes by ferry from Central Hong Kong where we cycled around the town. It's a little of a blast from the past, like you've travelled back 50 years in time. No tall buildings, no cars... just a lot of bikes, boats and dogs! The town is known for it's seafood, traditional desserts and old school snacks like egg-waffles, fried ice cream and frozen pineapple which you can enjoy while riding your bike towards the Cheung Po Tsai cave and enjoy the view and rock formations. There is simply too much to see and do for a day so it's perfect for a little escape. 

I couldn't have done Hong Kong better this time around- the food was amazing, together with the views of the skyline I got to enjoy everyday. So glad I made it out there! Off to Jogjakarta next week. I'm stoked to explore a new part of Indonesia and can't wait to share my adventure here. Hope y'all enjoyed the images!