Morocco, Essaouira, December 2016
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I know it's been awhile but I've spent the past two months in all sorts of places and also working on a couple of pretty exciting things! I'm concluding my year of travels with my recent trips to Morocco, I went twice within a month because I simply couldn't get enough of the culture I experienced and it still is to date one of the most beautiful destinations my eyes have ever seen.

I've missed writing here, it's sad I've neglected this space just because I've had so much on my mind in terms of what I had intended for my own work creatively. Many may not know what exactly I do but now that I am home I am definitely going to start work on my project to make it all happen. I've spent the past few months being disappointed with my work and my travels have changed that, I've gained new perspectives, met some amazing individuals who have come to make a huge impact in my life and frankly speaking, lived the most I've ever lived in my past 23 years of being. It's been a fantastic year despite it's shortcomings, I found myself hitting rockbottom earlier this year when I saw my dreams crushed in front of me and it's taken awhile, and a lot of travel to get myself back on track but I am happy to say that I am!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the year in terms of travel:


Milan, May 2016


Paris, May and December 2016


Thailand- Chatanburi, Pattaya, Bangkok & Koh Kood, February and August 2016

IMG_1995 IMG_5552unnamed-232unnamed-248unnamed-247

Indonesia- Jogjakarta, Jakarta and Bali, August, September, October and November 2016


South Korea- Seoul & Jeju Island, April 2016

IMG_7292-2IMG_8020 IMG_7303-2IMG_7615IMG_7976

Hong Kong, September 2016


Dubrovnik, June 2016

IMG_46560E4A6994-2regent street 16

London, always there, always will here.

Thank you again for a year of following me on my adventures!



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I made it to Bali for the first time and am excited to properly share more about my time there next time with you guys! These were taken at The Amala where we stayed at in the heart of Seminyak, I loved my time in Bali and am keen to fully explore more of the island. Bali, I will miss your rice fields, blue salty seas, babi guling (roasted suckling pig), endless sunshine and your insane sunsets.


More soon! 



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Some of my favourite moments this summer, spent in London, Paris, Dubrovnik and Milan. I'm so excited for whats to come this winter- working on big plans for a new project I have for 2017. 

I will be off to a couple of destinations in the next 2 months and will be updating along as I go- There is nothing more I love than a good conversation and there is no such thing as being a stranger. So I hope you'll follow me on my adventures as I go along and if you're in the area, hit me up! Lets take a stroll on the beach, roll on the grass in the park, drink lots of wine, buy spices at local markets just for fun and mingle with locals.. I'd love to connect. 

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This space/journal/blog whatever you want to call it turns 9 this month. I am grateful for the people who've stuck by me, seen me grow into the person I am today and followed my adventures around the world. It's been quite a journey and I found a large part of myself here... I thought I'd be tired of it by now but I still love it- documenting things my way, sharing a perspective. So thank you if you're reading this! You are a part of the reason I am who I am today. I can't believe it's been 9 years..whoa thats a long time.

Travel has definitely defined a large part of me and having the opportunity to travel to Yogyakarta was eye-opening despite being physically exhausting. It wasn't luxurious to say the least but it was an adventure. Each day we really explored into the unknown, seeing the sunrise from Borobudur, screaming at live crabs at Wedi Ombo beach, chasing chicken at every other kampong we saw, sweating it out over spicy chilli together and borrowing goats for photos. I came home physically the most exhausted I'd been in a long time and am convinced the consecutive travel I've experienced is finally hitting me but I feel refreshed by Indonesia, I can't wait to explore other parts, especially Bali which I've never been to. Having just visiting Jakarta just a couple of weeks ago, Yogyakarta was a much more authentic Indonesian experience with the friendliest locals and a tight-knit creative community I found especially inspiring. Thank you Air Asia for having me and thank you to my partner in crime, Jordus for taking these photos of me and being such sport on the trip. Here are some of my favourite moments:


We found goats and sheep just beside our hotel and decided to take one of them on a stroll but it turned out to be surprisingly harder than we thought. They simply go crazy.


Of course it was followed by a lot of obligatory photo-taking at every other corner. I am wearing a dress by N/Nicholas Embroidered dress and Tibi Slippers (similar one here) both from on Shopbop


I can't say much about my experience at the Borobudur Temple except that it was breathtaking despite being a little foggy that morning. We got up at 3am to drive from Yogyakarta city to the temple and spent a good 2 hours just being in it's grounds and admiring the detail. The Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and the largest in the world, now a UNESCO heritage site. Absolutely beautiful. 


We gave the sunrise at Mount Merapi a miss for some much needed rest and made our way up later in the morning. At base camp, we were greeted by our guides with the jeeps and the ride was pretty much like a roller coaster, but with with ash from the ground. It was a real adventure. Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has been erupting regularly since 1548. There are villages on each side of the volcano. Currently, Mount Merapi is known to erupt every four years, destroying everything these local people have and causing thousands of fatalities during every eruption. However, the locals we met do not let it deter them. They simply rebuild their homes with the aid of the government every 4 years and start life over. They were also some of the happiest locals we met throughout our trip.


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We saw the sunset in Wedi Ombo beach, it's pretty untouched by tourists so there is still a strong local presence there with friends and families escaping from the city for a day or locals catching live fish and crabs to eat. The rocky beaches were beautiful and I may have been intimidated by the crabs we saw but it was all good. Perfect way to have ended our time in Yogyakarta. 

These photos don't do justice to my experience in Yogyakarta, there was something about the city that really got to me and I'm in the midst of planning to return next month. It's a city with so much culture and heritage with beautiful temples and so many experiences from jeep rides, hiking, sky-diving and cave-exploring.. the list goes on and on. So I guess these images are just a small fraction of what I really experienced, I hope you guys enjoyed the images anyhow! Big thank you to Rachel and Christina from the AirAsia team for making this trip happen! 

Start planning your trip from Singapore to Yogyakarta with AirAsia today.



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Hello from Yogyakarta! I'm currently here with AirAsia for a few days to explore a new side of Indonesia I've never seen before and I am so excited. This were taken just during the start of the trip where we had lunch in a traditional Indonesian heritage building. Isn't it beautiful? Can't wait to show you guys more images, especially those we shot at the Borobudur Temple at sunrise. It's been such a good week. 


IMG_8013IMG_7984IMG_7949IMG_7870IMG_7827IMG_7788IMG_7686IMG_7725IMG_7492IMG_7913IMG_7750IMG_7565IMG_7470IMG_8039IMG_8020 copyIMG_7615-2IMG_7533-2

I spent an amazing week in Hong Kong, reuniting with Nathan and spending good quality time with family before heading by train to China for the weekend. I'm not one who usually has Hong Kong in mind when I'm thinking of a getaway but it's a city that has come to stay with me for all the right reasons, that I can sometimes see myself living there. I love the similarities in lifestyle to Singapore so it definitely feels close to home. And on top of that, there is so much culture here, eating at a local cha chaan teng (or simply a local Hong Kong Cafe) with some places offering food 24/7 so you'll never go hungry, going through the streets of pet shops followed by a stroll through the flower market in Mong Kok and enjoying the skyline from some of my new favourite institutions such as Seafood Room in Causeway Bay. I also got to explore a couple of restaurants in SoHo like YardBird and it was delicious and an experience in it's own. 

It was the monsoon season so it rained every day during my time there, so it really allowed me to enjoy the 'slow life' despite the hustle and bustle that is a city like Hong Kong- I found myself reading my new book over lunch, or simply enjoying some traditional milk tea in Mido Cafe for a slow afternoon. We also decided to take the ferry out to Cheng Chau Island to see a different side of Hong Kong. It is a seaside town just about 30 minutes by ferry from Central Hong Kong where we cycled around the town. It's a little of a blast from the past, like you've travelled back 50 years in time. No tall buildings, no cars... just a lot of bikes, boats and dogs! The town is known for it's seafood, traditional desserts and old school snacks like egg-waffles, fried ice cream and frozen pineapple which you can enjoy while riding your bike towards the Cheung Po Tsai cave and enjoy the view and rock formations. There is simply too much to see and do for a day so it's perfect for a little escape. 

I couldn't have done Hong Kong better this time around- the food was amazing, together with the views of the skyline I got to enjoy everyday. So glad I made it out there! Off to Jogjakarta next week. I'm stoked to explore a new part of Indonesia and can't wait to share my adventure here. Hope y'all enjoyed the images! 



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Earlier this morning when I decided to fight insomnia and get up to explore the streets of Sham Shui Po... I've travelled to Hong Kong a handful of times but I don't know what took me so long to get here, especially when I'm always complaining I want to experience more of local life. The markets here are known for their cheap electronics although I saw more of wet markets consisting of fresh produce, dried seafood and vegetables and a lot of raw meat hanging in all sorts of places. The scents and sights were a feast  and I couldn't stop looking up because I felt like that was where life really happens. Sham Shui Po is one of the earliest developed areas in Hong Kong and it was once the most commercial hub of it's territory. Now, it's mainly made up of public housing. The buildings are in serious urban decay, so cramped I was wondering how much of a commodity it was for a local to be living here in such conditions. But I guess despite the intricacies, this is what makes Hong Kong what it really is. An urbanised city known for it's tiny apartments and a perfect blend of the old and the new. This is a city where you can travel back in time making a trip down to one of these streets. 

IMG_7212-2 IMG_7303-2IMG_7292-2IMG_7281-2IMG_7226-2

I recently read and watched a documentary of the Kowloon Walled City and coming here was probably the closest I could get to experiencing what it was really like back. Though this is nothing like what the Walled City really is, it was a glimpse of the real Hong Kong come to life. 



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After 6 hours on the road from Bangkok and 40 minutes on a speedboat, I've arrived to Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, South-East of Thailand near the borders of Cambodia. It is a beautiful luxurious resort with it's own Soneva time, full of luxurious villas all with their own private pools and it's own eco-system where fresh produce is grown and served daily to guests. It's been an eye-opening experience especially for me, I've never been a beach person but being surrounded by new and old friends and just having to take things as it is and enjoy what's being presented in front of us has turned out to be so much fun. We've unfortunately had most part of our itinerary the resort planned for us cancelled due to bad weather but there's actually plenty to do here. Watch films in their outdoor cinema, dine in your own tree-pod hoisted up on top of Koh Kood's ancient rainforest with food and drink delivered  via a zipliner (!!), go canoeing or simply enjoy the resort's private beaches... it's the perfect way to enjoy a 'slow life' as the resort puts it. People walk here barefooted, phones are discouraged in public areas.. I don't think I've ever quite been to a place like this! 

I spent the afternoon in our beach front villa playing in the pool and drinking fresh coconut in the rain . Can't imagine what it would be like if we arrived to perfect tropic weather but it's been great so far. The hospitality is undeniably one of the best I've experienced and I can't be more grateful to have gotten to come here!


Find out more about Soneva Kiri here