This is what I've been up to all night..
How fun! Very hard work am very proud of myself. Got Topshop's pearl set as well and now I think I can make better ones then they do HAHAHA with the help of my aunt who is very kind and patient and fun and loving. Somemore better quality won't rust like my stupid heart bracelet which I paid 23 bux for and its in a state where it looks like it went through walking the pinnacles then Egypt then Mt Fuji and everyone has it now becuz its 9 bux but I can't find it anymore becuz I haven't really been going out explains why lack pf pictures and I haven't been wearing my clothes I have another 3 huge baskets full of new clothes and my wardrobe has no more space but its okay I shall make more space because I haven't been shopping and I totally deserve a treat for passing my emath for the second time this year but I got 8/100 for chinese double yay.