Break Down

I feel sad today, I feel a bloody whole part of me about to burst and break down any minute. School wasn't nice for me today. I do not know why I am always not being 'myself', especially recently. Because I am so sick of every single fucking thing that is going on and sick of pretending that its all alright and sick of having to tell myself 'Hey, pull yourself up and start over' sick of trying to show you that I can do it as well as you can even though I hardly show it. Do you know it really kills me just having to go wake up to a new day of more fucking bullshit it is so tiring. I give up I give up I give up in everything and I need to be happy I want to be happy I cannot remember when was the last time I was genuinely happy for fuck's sake. I am tired I want to end it all right now once and for all.

Will you make me happy?