This is realllly bad veryvery bad must not cry shall not cry today I finally cut the back of my hair, after the previous incident in Jan with my hairstylist where I cried all the way home from town non-stop in the car and started screaming at Samuel. Now history has repeated itself but with a different hairdresser and I shall never go back again!!! Was so pissed wanted to cry on the way home was screaming swear words in my head #$%&*^$!!$&*

I hope you don't find it funny but it is so bad I am never letting my hair down again or tying it to a ponytail JUST AS BAD so I have to bun my hair. Little bun ah annoying not that I don't like buns but I have to have it every single day from now on.

See sometimes that parting will appear, annoying!!!!! :(

Nothing is going well i swear.