Cookie Girl

As you can see I am quite the famous 'Betty Crocker' in church. Always bringing all sorts of sweet treats from cookies to muffins and cuppycakes since I was quite a kid where I had little gingerbread men with icing and m&ms. I shall try my very best to forget the incident of what they call 'Durian Cupcakes' where I left my cupcakes in the refrigerator overnight without knowing my dad left his favourite fruit to rest inside, the very disgusting, and smelly Durian. Next day in church I was puzzled why my cupcakes were gone in just a few minutes, 3 boxes of them, totally whooped up. And everyone was complimenting me and asking me to make more durian cupcakes. (Very Singaporean hahaha) I got a tiny bite and oh the horror.. just imagine. My cute little butter frosting topped with rainbow sprinkles over the little chocolate cupcake has turned into the most horrid stinking fruit in the world!!!!!

As for today my cookies ran out fast too, I am v happy to know that my baking has been going uphill :) Effort of 4 hours in the kitchen ALONE was very very worth it. I have been thinking of signing up for more courses when there is the time. YAY ME.