Hellllllllo :) Am back from Bangkok veryvery exhausted but I'm very thankful I had quite a fair bit of fun. It wasn't perfect because.. I didn't get my LV :( We spent a lot of time eating street food, having thai massage and shopping at Platinum and Chatuchak. My favourite part was really the whole stretch of vintage stores in Chatuchak selling secondhand stuff from shoes to vests and vintage bags. Happy me got a pair of secondhand oxfords that just happened to fit me perfectly for only 300 baht! (Like 12 bux) And a vintage dress for only 450 baht, bargained down from 588 baht!!! I really felt as if I was in an oven in Suan Lum and Chatuchak, the heat is insane over there. Topshop just opened its first store and everything is about the same like we have it here, just slightly more expensive compared to our prices here. I still got my shoes anyway, double yay. Speaking of Topshop, my Fastforward card got damaged again and this time I have to wait for two whole months while it gets replaced. I can't collect my points until its ready and no vouchers for me too, arrrrgh how annyoing. Their card is so lousy, this is the second time it got damaged for me :(

I can be quite a tourist, really! Taken outside the hotel we were staying at.


The Tehtarik man, same guy from the previous trip! I saw quite a few familar faces here and there whic was really nice.

HAHA LOOK CAREFULLY. It is split into 4, front pink&black, back, black&pink yuckkkk!!

Oooooh shoes!!!

Hahah if you're gonna count I got 20 bangles, to give and to sell!

I got a text from a weird long number just as the plane touched down and yay it was Sophie, she arrived earlier this morning from England! So I met her at her hotel right after I got changed and like I said before I absolutely love angmohs, they're so friendly. I was greeted with a huge hug and handshakes from her and her parents. They're awesome!! So we talked about our countries while we walked along Haji Lane and cabbed down to Bugis so she could have a look at Topshop then took the mrt down (Haha she loves it) to town for quick shopping at Far East and back to the hotel we went for today. I am hella tired but today was amazing, I think I'm seeing her again either tomorrow or the day after, I cannot wait!!!

I wore my keds out today yay.

Presents from the Uk! Not including the shades, they're my own.

Haha ok Goooodnight!!1