Hello, well today I got another new hairband. And yesterday as well, my sudden fetish for hairbands and polo tees are getting a little too far and I shall stop once I get my hands on Fred Perry and probably a Ralph Lauren!! Overspending, really. Have already come out with new outfits in my head, please buy my stuff click my selling post!! Which is in yesterday's post. My headache got a worse today my eyes were closed throughout the entire sermon in church, I was listening though and the Pastor was staring at me I could tell. Josh's gonna kill me. I don't like getting spotted outside on Sundays, I look my worst. Church is so conservative I can't wear anything nice, they'll just start criticizing you and talk behind your back, urrrgh. I've stuck to my jeans every week even though I hate them, in dire need of a pair of denims right now. I like Cheap Monday. Today Sam C and I sat at a foodcourt and ate Spore food which wasn't yummy but its nice we got to catch up a little. And I think Babybeats made my hair smell very bad (No I wasn't there today, and I won't be) This is no good not good at all.