Hey, Don't Forget to Remember Me.

Well I would say today has just been nothing but better than awesome, I met Sophie again for the second and last time. Thats going to be for a very long time to come but I feel so so privileged to be able to meet her because her main reason for coming over to Singapore was so that we could meet. I can't remember exactly how long we've been emailing each other for now, and I am sure this will last for quite sometime. That makes me very happy of course! My aunt met her dad at some press conference in Shanghai and they started talking about families and what not, yknow business!! So I ended up with her email and its been like that ever since :) My aunt introduced me to a Vietnamese girl a few years back called Diem (Pronounced as 'Dim') but I honestl;y can say it didn't exactly work out and I forgot about her, I met her once but she couldn't speak much english.

Anyway, we did mostly shopping today and had a feast at some high end Jap restaurant in Vivo. They didn't accept nets and I had to call my aunt over to pay or we'd be washing the dishes haha, thank u vvvv much for that!!!!!!! Hmm for for a little Queen. We had some special kind of Miso soup, beef curry don, croquette don, tempura udon, soft shell crab and 7-up! Obviously lots of left overs still. We said good-bye in my aunt's car after some walking at Lau Pa Sat where her parents were, some stories about Spore buildings told by my aunt I really felt like a tourist haha guess I don't really know my homeland! But I had so much fun today and I guess I'll be seeing you again next year or maybe the year after in England aye Sophie? Thank u so much for dropping by in Spore, I hope u had fun, come back soon and enjoy aussie!!!1

XXX. Tests for the next 2 days haven't started ah gotta hit the books now, bye!