Not a good start to the weekend I thought I was awaiting for. I was stuck outside my home and it felt like the longest time. I feel sad today. I really had nothing else to do and my head was spinning with too much thoughts I looked into my phonebook, probably wanting to call someone to talk to or maybe to confide in. I ended up spending the time deleting people from the long list of names. There.is.really.no.one.I.can.talk.to. So I couldn't help but start tearing. I need to write.

I should maybe take a nap and pray I won't wake up, or at the very least wake up in a happy place where I wouldn't need to go through this shit I'm facing. And I should buy something online first since I'll be staying at home today. This has been a bad week I don't like my life, happy times seem to be lost and won't be back for a long time.