I Love Grandma

I have the sweetest grandma in the world, she cooks all my favourite food and makes me all the clothes I want. She just completed another black high waisted skirt for me and its just gorgeous I don't know what to say. And also, altered my H&m dress my aunt got for me from London! And I used to have a very won out pair of shorts, so she made me another 2 pairs, how lovely. I am going to dig out my ATM machine toy that really counts money and start saving for my London trip in 2010, am waiting until then so I can visit during the summer, awesome! Think Topshop and H&M at every corner, fierce competition!!! Grandma is now starting on another high waisted skirt in red. I really don't know how to thank her enough. I have never said an 'I love you' to her before because I really don't know how to make those words come out from my mouth but I really love her and don't know what I'll do without her. I feel shy enough just to say a 'thank you' to her in mandarin. I really need some suggestions on how I can express how grateful I am for someone like her, please help!!