Breastyy and I finally met after agez, greeted with the best grin I've had in days and the hugest hug, its been so long! We played dress-up it was fun and we finally managed to catch up as we spoke about everything. Dancing like theres no tomorrow in the clothes and jumping giggling laughing and we forgot to close the curtain!!! I missed you Hosanna :( My room was in a mess with clothes scattered everywhere and my dog as usual would just sit around as and where she likes, we also almost burnt the entire place down with... you wouldn't want to know honestly. Spreads fast as most of my furniture is really wood. Hard to imagine.

My little special surprise package for Hosanna with bows (!!!)
And if you do take the time to actually read it, don't be surprised how I never ever passed mandarin in my three years of secondary school life. Or how I sound tamil when I speak mandarin.

Do you like my new top, I shall wear it this weekend!! And no make-up please don't laugh :(

My turn at the camera, we spent a lot of time just with two outfits each to grab some quick pixx.

I really hate school don't want Tuesday to come :(