Pretty Friday


In the middle of nowhere along the road in front of our place

My very bad complexion from Bangkok's streetfood and bad air still isn't any better :( I put mask every other day but sigh..

Today was a very lovely outing with my dearest school mates we talked about everything which was nice and walked so much my feet really hurt from all that shopping. I felt as if I was a walking N.U.M ad campaign today, because my dress and the three paper bags just.. matched. When I walked out of Cineleisure, some random guy started using his Nikon to photograph me. And I was like 'SHIT' its so weird!! And I wore my havaianas today I'm like fashion mistake fashion police!!! -.-
Anyway my friends are very nice, we were out to celebrate Jiaqi's birthday which is tomorrow. Happy B'day I luv u!!!!!!!! (L) Mwaaaakz.
And Sheila and Biru chipped in together with me and I was very happy because my fantasy came true. My junkfood lunchtin!! The one I was dreaming and drooling over for so long, the one which gave me sleepless nights, the one I dreamed about my husband getting it for me hahahah. We had a feast at Hk Cafe after that, awesome, just like the good ol' times baby.

My papa told me that I am ugly today, he is so mean. I hate my dad sometimes. Its annoying to come home and everyone starts screaming at you, especially over the silliest things like what I'm wearing and all. Ooooh and I got back my report slips today!!! I failed 2 out of 7 subjects yay me no A though but nvm ^^