(Sorry for poorly taken + edited photos I am very sleepy haha and am yawning right now)

Nothing much this weekend, nothing is still going well for me which sets me thinking very hard. But anyway I slept a lot today and had a huge lunch with honey glazed ribs and the chef's very special macaroni with some roast chix and mushrooms yumm. This post doesn't really make much sense but I was thinking of showing everyone one of the items I got in Bangkok. That vintage floral dress, very vintage and cheap I'm guessing its new though. Got it at Suan Lum after some bargaining. Good deal! Family is loving something finally decent-looking but to me is normal!!!!!! My cookies are very yummy I shall give them to my friends and many are asking me where the Kindergarten pink checkered skirt is from, granny made it for me its really pretty with the extra linen inside and silky thingy I feel like a princess yay I love gramma :)

This week negative things aside, my gladiators + bag + high waisted pleated shorts came in the mail spells Luv!!