Today very simply in one sentence: The weather was being a bitch and it added to my very bad week of depression today I was sad I hid in my aunt's you can almost say walk in wardrobe because its an entire room just for clothes I hid there in a little dark corner for a long time and I cried tears that were black thanks to M.a.c's liquid liner which was supposedly to be waterproof it fell all the way down to my new tank top and stained it I washed it and blew it with a hairdryer with too high heat and burnt a tiny brown patch onto my tank I grabbed my denim jacket put my gladiators on and met my dad in the car in the evening and we went to town I was telling him to avoid the use of ERPs and its usuage because thats what my teacher taught all week he looked funny in his bright yellow raincoat but things turned for the better in the evening definitely I got my Blood is the New Black tee at last after sleepless nights thinking about it (Haha yes, seriously) which of course I paid hell yeah retail therapy is my happy pill.

If you went through that entire chunk, you are pretty damn good at this!

If I could live the life of a pretty flower, I would

My aunt very orangey lightings in her room

If someone could make me smile like that, I dare say I'd feel very blessed but I forced that out today.

And I saw Rico today, he looks different than he used to but in a good way. He is very fun and nice and he's my fuddar and I kinda miss him we need to catch up.

And thank you everyone for your sweetest comments on the previous post, I really appreciate it :)