Whatever It Takes

(Edited with pictures)
Today the weather hasn't gotten any better. How gloomy. Well, I had fun in Church today, Joshua was funny and he made me laugh. Hazel put a smile on my face. Cherie, Sam A, Leonard and Jiaen were in town with me to shop for a bit and that was pretty good except for my new pair of stockings which are in the bin now. 13 bux gone, thrown into the bin, ripped thanks to my very long nails which I haven't been taking good care of when I tried it on at home. Wasted.

The weather was abit mad today so Leonard, Zach and I squeezed under a teeny umbrella to get to the bus stop, I thought that was fun though I really hate getting wet. I bought a new very cute top today. I have been spending quite a sum this weekend but it really is my happy pill you can't blame me. Long bus rides usually give me comfort but it just happened that today, the bad weather + the very sad song + thoughts that filled up my head made me fill rather empty. Is it that hard to just to be happy? Because I really want to.

This is probably the best and the worst picture I have becuz I forgot about flash but anyway, do you like my new teeeee.

I used a donkey instead of a horse and it is not 4 sale!!

This is Joshua and he is quite a looker so many girls love him but he played with his nostrils today.

I look pretty gross here thanks to the rain but I haven't seen Cherie in ages.

This passage has been with me all day, at the very least it makes some sense.

"Now that mine is almost over, I can say that the thing that struck me most about life is the capacity for change. One day you're a person and the next day they tell you you're a dog. At first it's hard to bear, but after awhile you learn not to look at it as a loss. There's even a moment when it becomes exhilarating to realise just how little needs to stay the same for you to continue the effort they call, lack of a better word, being human"

Don't you agree?