Why Women have 2 breasts

Many have asked me how Hosanna and I met, which is probably why I'm doing this. I knew her through Hosan and he, Hannah and Hosanna were waiting 4 me outside French Connection when we were meeting for his birthday if I remember correctly. I thought Hosanna was a mannequin, but she suddenly moved so I knew she was human. She had jet black hair, but then, no rainbow cave fringe yet I guess. She was so shy like a mouse who speaks using her hands covering her entire face and you can hardly hear her. She was so adorable but shy to the extent that, 'Kor, give Melody water, Kor give her eat pao" We were at Din Tai Fung you see, and they couldn't speak mandarin. 'XIAO LONG BAO, TEN!! TEN!!!! (Shows hand signals, thanks to china waitresses)" She wore a red tee with a very cute Topshop vest, carried a basket and then I knew nothing about fashion.. I was materialistic so I wore a top which was a gift from my dad by Donna Karan. Carried a N.U.M bag (Yes wtfff) I think I looked damn ah lian hahah. Thank God they're all gone now!! Am happy with my cheapo clothing!

And thats how the friendship really started. We looked very different. We would take neoprints, we would eat a lot together, we would talk about our family and we would just walk around town doing nothing. I guess we all know we have both changed a lot now and the thing about best friends is, how unexpected it is, that the very first time you meet, and never knew a thing about each other, or even spoke, in exactly a year, she'll be the one who is willing to listen to all your crap, cry together, dancing in bra and panties with you, see each other most unglam moments like zomgz..., always smacking my butt, eating all sorts of food together you have the drumstick I have the wing,on the phone at 6am in the morning, talking about clothes, boys, toys, our future, clothes clothes and more clothes!!!! Do the silliest hugs where we would run to each other ten times with arms open wide and people would stare but we didn't give a care and not forgetting our lover's collection where we have thousands of photos togeter. Hahah funny.

Sorry for messy pictures all over the place in no order but these memories have been kept in my heart and I will never forget them. You should really see how much we've changed man. Especially me, oh god look at the hair. I had 4 major hairstyles of which 3 failed hahah. I've really not had this much fun with anyone else. We are definitely going to NY another time, since she won't be joining me this year. Wait for me!!!!!! And we shall go to Bangkok too with the others!!
The reason why women have 2 breasts is becuz one can't do without the other even with breast cancer when one is chopped off, the woman will feel incomplete and thats why we are breasties! We cannot do without one another and stick together like sticky glue!!!

Luv you forever and eva and eva.