Everything in black and white hehheheh sorry I luv my camera like that!!

This is my pet giraffe, I luv giraffes they give me comfort. It is my study bud.

I have swollen red puffy eyes

I slept and we had an overload of strepsils. Honey Lemon xxx.


Shaun u r friggin stick thin I feel like a ball of fatz :(
Oh yeah & get well sooooon ok :(

Okay so I watched Shaun study while I slept and started into space thinking about weird things that happen at home asking myself why did it have to be me but anyway I am pretty alright with the way things are right now. I am sorry this space just gets more and more boring, life really doesn't have much to offer me its so annoying sometimes. After exams, I have a whole list of things to do, plz stay don't go!!!

And for something with a touch of pink,

I got an early birthday present!! Exactly a month and a half early but its okay!!!! Thank you Ah e I luv u forever!!!!!!!