Am quite the impulsive shopper, $1xx on this gorgeous baby. Looks nicer on the model than the stock pic though.. ah whatever. Hopefully all goes well and spreer accepts order (we bust the cap by 6 bux hahahah), item arrives safely, I can fit, it looks good. Hallelujah dope I'd say! God has been good to me but its hard to feel at the very least, happy recently with so much going on. Guess its life and too bad on my part, sigh.

Yesterday's supposedly study plan didn't work out too fine. But Jiaqi was very patient with me and allowed me to scream my thoughts while she was busy copying homework. I have a lot of work to copy too, that reminds me! I shall keep striving hard because I want 2 visit Africa next year and shop at Hk again :(

Oh and the amount of money in my bank account doubled out of nowhere! (Prev post why I'm in big shit if nothing good comes out of it) There were 13 transactions I don't know of, all money coming into my bank account. Called up the bank, they have nothing to say, nothing is wrong at all. Freaky!!!! Am not spending that amount FOR NOW. But hell yeah feels great having so much money in your bank account doesn't it?