I'm wearing a polo from Topshop, high shorts from Forever 21 and Keds.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. What the fuck is wrong with Singapore, HOH tees are almost gone islandwide. Even on the official website backorders need to be taken. 40 pouds wtf!! (Not including international shipping) This is driving me nuts I am officially deprived of sleep from today onwards. Can't blame me for not getting them when they were still available, everyone had their other slogan tees they got online or where ever I do not really care, spoils the whole look. when they pair it with....... OK SPOILS MY EYES DON'T REALLY WANNA MENTION IT.

It really annoys me today I wasted my entire Saturday. Taking 2 hours to drag myself out of bed, then just moving around the house doing nothing in particular and meeting Hazel for a short bit. Headed to town for less than an hour almost got hit by cars which turned out embarrassing so I pretended to be a foreigner and spoke like an alien. And I tried my luck at Ambush.. no HOH :( I can't get my next lust item until the first one is complete bloooody hell Singapore really sucks everything here is friggin limited!!!!!