Friday is my Favourite Day of the Week

Dress from Forever 21, Canvas slips from Topshop, Accessories from Diva, Topshop and some are made by DIY-ed, Headband is a gift

Well hello. Friday is here again, how fast and school's starting in 55 hours. Pile of homework, untouched. Hah I counted, guess I'm off for a little shopping with the best friend and we have a rather jammed pack weekend ahead of us. Sleepovers, I love! I pray those damn shoes won't give me bubbles today. I bit them after realizing my maid never complains about her new shoes after she bites them. Weird but whatever. And not forgetting, Leanne's and Melody's Wardrobe Addict Anonymous is finally here, so I have more clothes to play with when I get home, awesome.