We took neoprints today. It was fun!

I am feeling rather good about today. And also because the sense of satisfaction of having cash in your bank account is totally great. I can smile in my sleep tonight! Met up with Erica and Hosanna today, stuck in Cineleisure for a long time thanks to the fukin weather. We took neoprints and laughed a lot, and the both of them wouldn't stop going 'meoww'. I will most probably be straightening my fringe soon. I hope it turns out well or I swear I'm never going out to face the world again. H8 my curly hair. H8 everything about myself. Stupid eyes nose lips mouth teeth yuck. I think I resemble an alien to be honest. People are starting to tell me I look weird. Its very sad to know that, I don't like the feeling at all. Hosanna and I had a good funny walk under the bad drizzle, and long chatty bus rides home together. I really miss the good old times a hell lot! Need to shop need to shop!!!!!!! And not forgetting I saw Amanda today after the longest time, she lkooks so adorable. Miss you Amanda, meet upz soon after yr prelims okay!