Happy TouristZ

A lot of fun today, we had trishaw rides waving to people and vehicles as we past. I had to sit on Cam and Pong's laps because the seat was so tiny!! I have a sharp butt hahah how weird. And our rider was just so adorable, we had to wake him up when we approached him and he would joke around, take pictures for us and all. Fastfood with non-stop chitter chatter and lastly, a very good movie which made Cam cry the shit out of her. My Sassy Girl is a hella must watch!! Oh and last minute shopping at Topshop. Nothing I fancy for now, its getting so boring. The shutters were already down and we were the last to leave. I hit my head almost had to crawl out urrgh.

Need to start exercising and get those damn legs toned. Fat thighs please keep the comments to yourself k thanks.

Cam gave me a surprise present and card!! Luv u foreva!! :)

"Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love. The shaping and molding of destiny is your destiny"