I am obviously feeling really flushed right now, what an adventure! Today I went to the Neightbourhood Police Post twice, and both times there were mentally unsound people coming in to 'chat' with the policemen. It was so hilarious my aunt and I held our laughter and burst it all out the moment we stepped out of the station. "What steadysteady my laogong this and that but my bf steadysteady very long we never have sex just steadysteady I got one child pop out one enough already me anfd my bf not very serious only got kisskiss I come here want to talk with you because you all is police then PM Lee say he will help me, his children also say he will help me... "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Anyway, the case is currently pending whether to let the CID handle it or another branch? Okay I am not really sure, just those who lost your money rest assured you'll get it all back. Not yet though, until we're all settled with the investigation and the bank. I may need to suspend my account. Sigh. This is realllly insane. To Lynette Tan Ying Shi, F OFFFFF I do not feel threatened by your stupid email, you're making it so darn easy for the police to track you down.

I am sooooo tired and this space here really needs something more than just words and words. Sorry that my life is boring you. I have pictures from yesterday. Erica and I went to Haji Lane and Bugis Street which was obviously unsuccessful. I mean Bugis Street was unsuccessful, everywhere sellnig the same things and ah lians and bengs everywhere wearing their stupid gladiators which look like shit or their new hotpants with spag top, g-r-o-s-s.

Really a hell lot of fun yesterday, we met her 2 friends and had dinner which was great and took neoprints, awesome. And on my way home.. I got the bad news about the money issue. So all good things have to come to an end. I shall end this chunk of words, if you managed to get here, hahah thanks for bearing with me!

My legs look broken.

I luvvv Pluck's Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream!!

My legs still look broken.

Erica's : Plaid Eyelet Dress, F21, Bag, Longchamp, Shoes, Everlast
My own: Top, Hk, Bow, Bangkok, Skirt, F21, shoes, FEP

Erica y r u so kute

Yay my legs don't look so broken!

Oh we did get something from Bugis Streeeet, badges!!!!

Our evening in town.

Yay Erica thanks for everything, I had a lot of fun. Luv u!