Wardrobe addict anonymous!! My clothes n Leanne's!

Must visit: Marutama Ramen @ The Central, Clarke Quay


2day = LV BAGZ WE R SO GETTING SOOOOON, Getting lost in the middle of Chinatown, high speed internet for 40 mins at $2.80, Marutama Ramen, stupid headaches, extra long busrides, preparing grab bagz (Pls support @ chanceuponlove.lj!!!)

I have tons of homework how depressing :(

Sorry 4 messy pics and all, Hosanna n I are on mission impossible 1, typing letter 4 letter in this fucken keyboard, veh veh silently or off with our heads I swear! The father is not in a good mood today and fast asleep and I m uh secretly logged in2 his acct so goodbye 4 now!!