I wanna be a Rockstaaaaaaar

Look what I did to my Topshop slips, I made Hosanna step on them and I too stepped on them myself for the dirty look, yay me. Hosanna plz cheer up luv u, everything will be alright.

Probably the most expensive pair of tights I ever laid my eyes on. Today was rather fruitful, especially when my dad was so annoying so I had less than 30 minutes to shop. I've already given up on finding the perfect pair of highwaisted black shorts, Singapore shopping is really disappointing me. So guess I'll sick to my ordinary pair for now! These tights make me wanna be a rockstar, I shall have an electric guitar singing uh.. Lostprophets!!!! Or Deathcab oooh yummy. Awesome. We sang very loudly in the car today, I had the sudden urge to sing everything from The Beatles to even Westlife and hahaha Michael Buble. (Luvv)

How was your Sunday, what are y'all up to!

*Ps To everyone worried over the scandal, I will get back to you, I have my own things to settle as well. Please do not contact me via mobile. It is really frustrating me. I will be making a trip to the bank tomorrow probably to see if they're able to reverse all the transactions with my police report. Otherwise I will return the money to you personally. If your money got transferred to Joey, I will try my best to help you. I won't be replying emails for now, but if you're a victim please send your details to me and I will look into the matter asap. This isn't any of our faults, so please do not put the pressure on us. I repeat, you will be getting your money back.