Today saw me at Ikea having Swedish meatballs, potato salad. baked chicken and hmmm nuggets yummmy I love Ikea!! We did some shopping and my maid agreed to allow me to get a laundry basket for my room. Or maybe I'll use it to put my clothes like what I normally do.. or maybe it will be a playland for Spongebob and his fluffly friends. Up next was grocery shopping and I just threw singlets (I LUV THEY'RE A SECRET), a stackful of brown envelopes, markers, sweets into the trolley. Speaking of trolleys I miss trolley rides a lot :(

I have a lot of things to pray for this week:

-I pray for Mr Postman to come knocking on my door soon, its been 5 days and thats so weird for a registered article not to be delivered am very sad!! :( Was so excited I immediately went home after my SS paper but sadly, no parcel :( x 128125879
-I pray I do not fall asleep and drool all over my Chinese paper on Monday
-I pray I pass Emath & Physics
-I pray I start proper revision for the rest of my friggin papers I AM STILL NOT INTO THE EXAM SIBEH IMPT MOOD URRGH
Ps to those who bought stuff from me recently, plz hang in there I haven't had the time to mail your items!! Sorrrry. Will mail out by this coming week.
- I pray for my almost swollen and peeling lower lip, a huge and deep cut right smack in the middle spells g-r-o-s-s.
- I pray again for Mr Postman to come soon

This week I thought a lot about the Americans, I miss them so much it hurts. I won't be able to visit them during my trip double sigh.

Negative things aside, my UO Lux Christiane Mini arrived this week after such a long wait. Orhsomez.

I've been sleeping in extremely late these few days turning in at 4 in the morning and waking up at 6 for school urrgh complexion is a major disaster shall apply tea-tree mask, aloe vera mask, firming mask, egg mask..