Smelly Feet

Hello, I am sorry if I am boring you. I really don't know what to say to actually keep this space going because life doesn't seem to have much to offer me right now. I smell the EOYs, they're coming in just 2 weeks. Am dreading every thought of it, not a bit ready neither do I look like I can be bothered. When I am sad I stone in a corner and just sit there to think. Doesn't help much yes? I think I am at my breaking point right now. We all have limits to everything don't we? Guess its my turn yet again.
Clothes are the only thing that has kept me going all this while. And also, sleep. They help me make time pass even faster. The days seem to be much longer than it used to. I feel so tired.

I also have quite a To-Do list
And right now, I really need a shower, bye smelly feet!