This is quite sad I have the most disgusting eyes and flat nose I have ever seen people tell me I look so fierce it can kill but I can be shy like a kitty and mad like King Kong am I really really that bad? So annoying!! This week has been quite a killer I have an upset tummy appetite has gone down I get tummy aches in the morning and headaches in the afternoon oh and the best part at night back aches THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING I SWEAR. Lady from the store called to tell me my dream bag is available for 600 bux have no money I sent the longest text message of 7 pages to my dad and aunt who is still in London and called her. She went 'Melody... CALM DOWN PLEASE' Tutor was very scared he text me after he left the house yesterday saying my voice is spinning in his head I swear the bag means a hell lot to me I fantasize me carrying it as I shop.. or when I'm in NY and having tea with Heidi Klum at The Plaza Hotel omg!!!! I can get scary can't blame him after I put down the phone with the lady I went around screaming around my living room running like I just escaped from a mental institution and climbing the window pane and shaking it oh the horror and carry on screaming and whining and head is not filled with the consequences of the Sri-Lankan Tamil & Catholic Protestant conflict exams are friggin gonna kill me. Does anyone want to fund me plz!! AM STILL DEPRESSED OVER THE DAMN BAG.