Today is Friday

Yay today is a Friday, finally!!!! The aunt should be on the A380 now on her way to London sitting in Business Class drinking champange..... PLZ DON'T FORGET TO BRING ME BACK SOME LOBANGZ LUV U MISS U WANNA KISS U.

Today I went Shopping with Amanda!! It was so fun yay luv u Amanda. Met Erica & Hosanna for awhile b4 that, luv u both too. And yay I love my shopping, finally a pair of black high shorts that fit me rather well, should be able to add 2 bunnies b4 its the perfect fit but whatever!!!! I am going to change the buttons so it will become chio yay. And this reallllllllly nice high waisted belt thank God the uncle punched another 2 holes because yay now I can wear it!!! Well my exams start this coming thursday and I have yet to touch the books so am in vv deep shit and I guess I won't be going out for the next two weekends becuz I must really start studying so this space here will get really boring. Unofficial hiatus I guess will carry on putting up my rants and what not here but dailies back on the 10th!!