Because I was so affected

This is 4 my friends who I know care.

Well yes, you and your stupid comments affected me a lot and I have been pretty depressed all week. So for a good hour, I found myself locking myself up in the room chanting repeatedly and crying so hard in the dark "I am jinxed and sick in the head. I am jinxed and sick in the head" Then finally having the courage to probably say the most sensible thing to the person I loved. It hurts so very much but I'm going to get over this. At least we have small memories to keep and think of every now and then, and it will make me smile because I know I did the right thing. You were never good with your words but the things you said today really touched my heart. We will meet again soon, I promise!

I'm dried out, I've cried more than enough. And its now 3:58 am, Monday. I will start off with a good long much-needed sleep. Then come out with a whole list of things to do. My aunt and I have plans. We are gonna dig out the old sewing machine and she's finally gonna teach me to sew! I can sew my own clothes for myself finally. We can meet for lunch every other weekday instead of my shopping my life away, it was so empty. We may fly to Bangkok in December if theres the time and stay in Amari Watergate Hotel and join their traditional thai cooking class I can finally make my own Phad Thai!!! Then shop till we drop bring home a chunk of stuff to sell. I shall start to bake again too!!! Then I can give everyone cookies and cuppycakes yumm :) I start to exercise, swim 40 laps at the club divide it by 2 to get the Olympic sized length! Hosanna & Erica, we'll have our Happy Three Freinds sleepover. Hosanna we bare our nippies to each other for more than 5 seconds!! Biru, Jiaqi, Sheila, WE EAT OUR HEARTS OUT. Wanling, WE GO GENTING AGAIN AND THIS TIME U GET ON THE CORKSCREW I DO NOT CARE. DEZ, we have a make-over and start our club!!!! Amanda, we start our online selling journal!!! Sophie is coming to visit soon! I STUDY VERY HARD AND DO WELL NEXT YEAR I PROMISE. Hazel, Sam C, Sam A, Josh, Zach, Leonard, MY BUTTDAY do not 4get nigth safari! SHINN & REGINA WE MEET SOON, PICNIC SHOP TALK TILL WE DEHYDRATE. BEN we go eat bao soon! Rico Stone we have NYDC and get storm Woonderland trying every single pair of Dr Denims there ok!! Clara I COME YR HOUSE. Cam, Pony, Bra when r we meeting again let me know! Leanne, wardrobe addict anonymous' next meet-up AND WE NEED TO GO OUT TOO.

And thank you to everyone else who's been encouraging me all this time, I will definitely need time but I'll be back to my normal self very soon I hope I have to keep myself occupied I cannot b sad no more I love all of you vvv much thank you I appreciate the time all of you spend to leave down your very sweet comments and some via emails and sms you all make my day I will be better I promise.