I hope I'm not too late but did you enjoy their halloween!
Yesterday was.. probably different. Something like you're having the time of your life but your heart feels all mashed up and just empty but you don't know why. And every part of your body is hurting. Tired but still, would it matter? I got to meet Anamei for awhile and Erica, we walked and talked walked and talked. Last minute plans of wanting to head to the night safari but it didn't work out so we hung around town, took polariod shots, went gaga over the caucasian boys sitting behind us, blocked by a stupid pillar, doing weird and funny things, singing out loud to cheer ourselves up because somehow, we needed it, going 'meow' at funny people or have a cat-dog game, who sounds the most realistic? Me!

Then seeing you after what felt like the longest time. I missed you. You were right smack in front of me but I could never feel your presence. For hours, you were there but we never said a word to each other. How did that feel? How are you? I hope you're doing okay, I hope you're happy. Because its probably the least i can ask for now. And seeing you that way will put a smile on my face even though I know I'll never be able to share it with you, again. The night, was empty despite the heavy atmosphere of the happy halloween spirit. I was amused by the group of trannies all dressed up like chinese ghosts. Ha ha trannies rule! There was this funny pig and I would going 'MEOWWW' and she'd say 'HI PIG HI HI HI." Or the funny mad docs and nurses which I enjoyed looking at while they danced.

And when we left, we started singing again and just won't stop. Was with leanne for a short bit and got another polariod shot to remember that its halloween today. And just drowned everything we had to let out to her, thanks being there, love. Then giving Erica the tightest hug I'd ever given her when we went home. My birthday is coming soon. Which means, I'm
leaving for my long 'vacation' soon. Ugh need time to stop now. Many things that I'm not looking forward to, shit is bound to happen.

I am yr mudder.

They bought panties wtf the stupid g-string.

Yay I luv my polariod.