Its quite sad, I haven't been online for 2 days, I feel very deprived! And I've somehow or rather wanting to update this space. Its been a packed weekend, not perfect but good. Caught The House Bunny with Hosanna last night after meeting Clara for a short bit, its been so long! Missed you bibi.

So I guess this sums up how I spent my Thursday. This is my favourite picture of that day :

He's the waiter who served us at Secret Receipe. I love Mini Burgers + Lychee frosted drinks + Black Pepper Chicken, YUMMMMM! He kept coming back to the table to tease us becuz we were taking pictures, so we took one of him too. Don't you think, he just reminds you of that caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland or was it A Bug's Life!!! It looks so similar.. no offence but :) IT JUST MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD WHENEVER I LOOK AT THIS.

Am going out for awhile!! Shall wear my shorts again, (I wore them yesterday but today today today is special) I have more pictures to edit yay this is going to be exciting!! And By the way, I am turning 15 exactly a month from today, which is why I love the 12th. Not 16 not 17 not 18!!!! And Hosanna is already 17.. funny how all of you put it. I get questions like what Jc/poly I'm from, hello i haven't even graducated from secondary school!!!!! Sorry i know I look old I've grey hair growing out from my head I h8 it which is why i dye my hair jet black whenever there is the time.
Okay SO MELODY IS 15 NOT 12 NOT 14 NOT 18 NOT 20.