I've been having sleepless nights because I cannot think of stuff to wear.. like saturday night I was up till a good 5am tossing and turning in bed ITS DEPRESSING YKNOW. Not having anything to wear :( My mind is blank I cannot come up with outfits which is so stupid. Many things coming up am seriously not looking forward to, but hey, do you believe in the future? I've been trying so hard to 'Think positive Melody! Things will eventually get better" Like I believe in the future then I am sure things will get better because its just a matter of time, yes? Am already v tired, this must not go on so.. HELP!

Anyway, am done with the current batch of oversized tank tops and tees, all will be mailed out over the next 2 days, am sorry for the delay! Bringing in another batch that will arrive and mailed out next week. Each going for 12 mailed. Free-sized, fits all so no measurements so email me if you'd like one.. don't be a dead buyer I hate dead buyers they say they are interested and they never reply once you send out payment details THEY SHD PERISH POOF!