This is my 101st post on blogger, and to celebrate this special occasion, I must show you my newest lust item!!!!!!!! I am vvvvvvvvv happy my eyes literally popped out when I saw it and I started screaming in the lift. This is my second Burberry skirt and I love it to bits! CAN YOU FEEL MY JOY CAN YOU CAN YOU. Am now patiently awaiting for Gap to call becuz the coat.. ran out of my size :(

Unless you feel I should be saving instead because the skirt just burnt a huge hole in my bank account. It is currently.. my most expensive item in my wardrobe. And its double the price of this coat. Because because I wouldn't mind looking like crap when I'm in America anyway am not even looking forward to the trip... so shopping for clothing to wear in sunny sided spore would be more exciting to me. What do you think! Omg yay I luv Burberry!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO.