Last moment in time.

So I got myself into some pretty deep shit. The father and I need to make a trip down to see the big P on Tuesday morning, before my lessons. Because I failed 4 subjects, because I failed my overall percentage. I would say I have always been letting my emotions get to the better side of me. Result of being sad last year, resulted in nothing but a waste of time and energy. The way I lived my life changed completely. So I guess today would be the last day of school for some of you. 3 more weeks of extended curriculum time for me, I am hell thankful i made it to Secondary 4 express. I am going to work my butt out I swear, I was this close to staying back for another year. And three more weeks, to my birthday which I do not want to come. Three more weeks to America. Which I am not looking forward to... I need more time.