So my Friday was really much spent like most Fridays just walking aimlessly around town, I haven't been shopping.. :( But anyway, I had fun. Hosanna and I did the pictures for my mini sales post which I've yet to update but soooon because I'm in dire need of $$! Just sad that I bought these pretty steep and they're mostly brand new I have to sell them at a huge huge loss. So when I do update, and you think the price is just too much but you like something, LET ME KNOW I'LL GIVE YOU THE BEST PRICE JUST SUPPORT ALRIGHT PALZ?

I realize, all my pics I take here, I LOOK BIGGER!! :(

Blouse, Topshop, Skirt, made by grandma
Bag, lv, headband, Forever21

Skirt , Forever 21 , Pink Leotard , AA
Ribbon , my own , White Slips , Dorothy Perkins

Very successful sleepover where breasty and I managed to sleep together on my single double bed all cozy and awaken by annoying sister who climbed up and almost jumped on us. That evening I had the best fried wantons at Hong Kong Cafe with Darren and Shaun and oh curry chicken yum!!! Which I vomited thanks to the horrors of sudden severe gastric pains which left me stuck in one corner , very nauseous and having weird bitter fluid coming out from my mouth and before I knew it, I had just puked my entire late dinner, arggh! Sitting around the skate park went pretty much interesting that night, I slide down and fall over you, you scream I take your photos and you scream more because WHOO U LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!