The wonders sticky tape does for the perfect fit in your leather jacket! I am patiently awaiting for the arrival of my aunt to get home from Cambodia, having probably the time of her life touring around and omgz the Ang Kor Wat!!! I've always wanted to visit but I guess school just had to be a bitch, would have loved to join them and get some pictures taken there. So when she's back, we're going to shop for my winter wardrobe together for the america trip since she's knows the temperature there pretty well. I am going to get my boots, shirt and coat yay! When I grow up I wanna be like her and get to travel the world. If I really get to visit Bangkok again this Dec, I will jump!! Because I love Thais so very much and the food is awesome. so is the shopping! Then we shall tour Africa and I want to sing 4 the children HAHAHAHAH. We'll tour Europe too! And Idk what the hell some anons think.. weird comments I get here, please do not jump into conclusions about me. Its very gross, what a turnoff. Yuckk.